Unacceptable Shop Support

Unacceptable Shop Support

I ordered an item on June 25th and I was notified it was shipped on June 26th. I was charged for the item but it was not shipped. The status is "Shipping Label Created". I emailed shop support on July 5th and again 24 hours later and again one week later. I've contacted chat support and twice they said they relayed the message. First I was supposed to be contacted in 24 hours. Didn't happen. Next he said they would fix the shipping and send the item out. Didn't happen.

This is frustrating because the store is still selling items and most items go out with no problem. They are not allocating resources to address these problems and instead focusing on new sales.

andy.connor.e | 12 July 2019

People bust their balls about not enough sales. People bust their balls about not making a profit. People bust their balls about service. People bust their balls about delivery. People bust their balls about everything. Welcome to club Wine n' Bitch

djroberts | 12 July 2019

andy.connor.e You seem to just spend your time generalizing and trolling on the forum. I have a reasonable complaint here so if it bothers you so much then move on.

You're the only one here with an unsubstantiated complaint. That's pretty much the definition of Wine n' Bitch.

andy.connor.e | 12 July 2019

The more the wine, the less the bitching

lilbean | 12 July 2019

We've been spoiled by Amazon.