S or X ??? Feedback would be appreciated

S or X ??? Feedback would be appreciated

I've owned multiple Model S cars. Obviously love them. Do like the idea of the larger SUV version of though, but am a bit hesitant on a few things and was hoping to hear some honest feedback from actual owners....

1. The falcon wing doors of course are cool, but how many of you, for practicality sake, wish it just had regular doors? I'm in and out of the back seat quite often. Many times just to throw something in the back seat. The thought of having to wait for the doors every time is one of the reasons I haven't gone with an X over an S in the past.

2. Auto open doors. Again, a cool feature, but have heard stories about it being annoying that they open automatically when just walking by the car in your garage or anywhere for that matter. I love the self presenting door handles of the S. So easy to grab with you pinky finger and open. Do you wish it had those instead of the auto open? Have you turned off the feature for that reason? Also, I think the door handles are just "touch to open", is that correct? Or do you have to actually push in?

3. 6 seat configuration? How many with the 6 seat configuration wish it just had fold down middle row seats instead of the fancy seats it has that don't fold out of the way. Looking for more space in an SUV, like the idea of the opening in the middle, but am I defeating the purpose of an SUV with lost storage space by the middle row chairs being in the way?

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Trying to convince myself to go with the X instead of another S, but these are the items I'm hesitant on.

lilbean | 18 July 2019

1. I like the doors. If I have to throw something in, I use the driver door.
2. Love the auto open. You have to push the handle otherwise.
3. I don’t need it to fold down.
BUT, I drive the Model 3 now.

jimglas | 19 July 2019

1. I wish it had regular doors. The FWD work fine, actually very convenient when putting in a car seat for our granddaughter, but cause a scene in public
2. Turned off the auto open because it was hard to get around the open door in the garage
3. 6 seat configuration is the most comfortable for the back row, but there have been a few times when I wished I could fold down the second row
4. I drive the 3, my wife loves her X

ghgregory | 19 July 2019

I have an X (6 seater), my wife has a 3. I've driven an S a few times; for me, a bit cramped (I'm a big guy), same with the 3.

1. I like the FWD, have experienced no problems with them. Yes, they do tend to get attention from observers, but that's not a problem.
2. Auto open not a problem; actually, a benefit if I have both hands full. You do have to push in to open other doors.
3. I've had no need for more space (re 6-seat configuration).

20854 | 19 July 2019

FWD are convenient, though they take a little bit of planning in tight spaces. Front doors are just fine. I have the 7 seat configuration. I like the large cargo area, especially for my bike.

20854 | 19 July 2019

FWD are convenient, though they take a little bit of planning in tight spaces. Front doors are just fine. I have the 7 seat configuration. I like the large cargo area, especially for my bike.

inconel | 19 July 2019

If you want folding second row seats why not get the 7 seat version?

mbirnie51 | 19 July 2019

I have the 5 seat configuration.

The FWD does take some getting used to, but overall I find them a plus for entry/exit. They will confound occasional users, but as the owner you will need to be pro-active and tell your riders how they perform.

Auto-open driver door can sometimes be annoying, but again overall a big plus

I use the second row fold down feature quite a bit, you can sleep back there using memory foam. I've done 3 cross-country trips and find the "camper" feature very useful while charging to catch a few ZZs. It allows you to drive 10-12 hours each day with ease. Some folks may not want to drive that many hours, but it sure helped me. I also pack lots of home improvement purchases when second row is folded down. With the second row up for seating, the back end is perfect for our 2 dogs. I put in a removable area protector for the dogs for easy cleaning. My only complaint using the space for dogs is there should be a designated AC vent on each side because the back window is a solar heater. We end up running the AC in the cabin at 65 and fan on 11 to try and cool that area.

deanzsyclone | 19 July 2019

I use my model x for work and constantly use the doors, and have to say I love the back doors and all the space I have to get things in and out of through those doors. The auto doors are wonderful, ESPECIALLY when my hands are full, which is often. Lastly the space for storage, which I really need, is fantastic. I really like how the roof is nice and high when your laying down in the back to sleep, a little less claustrophobic.

nipper2 | 20 July 2019

I have both the X six seater and an S I love them both for me they have two different functions.

raffidesigns | 20 July 2019

@lilbean NO.

all jokes asize, any regrets?

bob | 20 July 2019

'14 S with 43k
'17 X with 31k
I prefer the X mostly 'cause it's easier to get in and out of and I like the higher ride.
1. +1 on many of the above comments - for me I find I'll avoid opening them sometimes simply due to the spectacle of them. I'm in CA so MXs are not a novel thing anymore. But still I feel like if I open the FWDs in a public parking lot everyone turns and looks.
2. I do not use the self presenting doors. But I do really like the ability to open and close the doors from the console. It's nice to be able to open and close doors for passengers. I frequently chauffeur my 90+ year old in-laws. The FWDs are a god sent when getting them in and out of the back seat. And the ability to open and close the doors from the drivers seat is great.
3. Get the 7 seater - fold flat rear is great. The 6 seater has it's place and if I did long distance driving with a larger group I'd miss that. But typically when we haul 4 or 6 people it's for around town driving. Long trips it's just myself, my wife and the dog in the backseat hammock.

Mark_L | 20 July 2019

Just got an X in June.

1. Like the doors. I use the remote to open as I approach to throw stuff in the back and the use "close all" on the screen. Easy.
2. Auto open works fine except when you are working around the garage. The car keeps opening the door when I walk by. I turned it off.
3. I also like the 7 seater. We have dogs so we can either fold down the seats or put a Dog bed in the middle section.

lilbean | 20 July 2019


yabouzaid | 20 July 2019

I am 6.3 tall, the space for my legs and head is very awesome , i got 5 seats very big trunk, i with it is smaller and more leg room for the 2nd row, door function , i love the auto open , falcon wing , are just attractive

inconel | 21 July 2019

@Mark_L to prevent door auto opening when working around the car I just put the key fob on a shelf in the garage

ir | 5 August 2019

So much easier to get in & out of the X. Especially if you have kids. Pulling into a parking lot, nobody notices your car until you deploy the wings. Then you are an attention beacon, even in California folks have not fully been desensitized to the wings deploying. Also attracts less savory sorts as the wings scream $$$.

Automatic doors you don’t miss until you don’t have them. Getting into my S, I always tap the brakes and wait like an idiot for the door to close. Same goes for instinctively triple tapping the fob expecting the open doors to close.

The door buttons “click” and you have to find the right spot to push. Guests always struggle pushing on the wrong part of the button. They are not capacitive.

As a family of 4, we have the 7 seater and normally drive with the back seats down. It feels more like a Model S that way. Kids use the rear center seat for their “stuff”. Also handy for 1 occasional grandparent or aunt to squeeze in without going full 7 seat mode.

soenke | 8 August 2019

1. I LOVE the FWDs. Never regretted them.
2. I LOVE the auto-opening front door. The way how they carefully open when you approach from the front of the car is an engineering marvel, that many people miss to appreciate. [Only wish the trunk would have some auto-open function as well. Siri should be able to do it from the watch, but so far only works from phone. BMW's kick-to-open is better anyway I think.]
3. 7 Seaters seem to be the most logical and practical thing. I also already slept in the fold-flat back using an air mattress. Was a comfy night. Adults have not enough leg room in the third row though.

gjohnson427 | 9 August 2019

'17 X with 24k miles. I have a 5 seat version. I have carried a 65 inch flat screen and a full size oven in the back of mine - not at the same time. I was up in the air about which also, but when I went to test drive an S, I hit my head getting in and that did it for me. FWD are great. Auto doors are also great and you will quickly become accustomed to them.

gguinto | 10 August 2019

I think the pattern I see with most responses is, you need more than one Tesla. :)

So, keep the S and get the X in addition to? Best of all worlds.

lilbean | 10 August 2019

He got another S.

gguinto | 10 August 2019

Hey lilbean! Is SilverP85D still around?

lilbean | 11 August 2019

Hi gg! He shows up on the S forum once in a while. Just recently made an appearance after a long time away.

bp | 11 August 2019

I've been driving a Model S since early 2013 - and now have a 2017 S 100D. Our other vehicle is a 2018 X 100D.

We were initially concerned about the FWD's - and don't need them most of the time. But when we do need them (for carrying cargo or extra passengers), they are very useful - and glad we have them. The ability to open the FWD's using the console display or key FOB helps to lower the wait time - though if you're in a tight area, it's still better to be next to the FWD when it's opening to make sure it doesn't hit anything when opening.

We turned off the auto-present doors - the ability to open/close the doors from the console has been useful a few times, but probably a feature Tesla could drop to save $$$.

We have a 7 seat configuration - and would recommend that highly based on our experience. Most of the time it's only 2 of us - so the back is for storage, and it's great to have the flat area with the 2nd and 3rd rows down. And when we have family visiting to use those seats to get up to 7 passengers (and still have storage in the back and frunk).

Compared to the X, the S still has quite a bit of cargo capacity (with the rear seats folded down). The S performs slightly better and has 10% more range. It does ride lower to the ground, making it a little more difficult for entry/exit (though not as bad as similar performance "sport" cars that ride even lower).

Since S and X are about the same price now - picking a model depends upon what's most important - range, passengers, cargo, easy of entry/exit, …

They're both great vehicles.

Teslapalooza | 11 August 2019

One of the reasons I bought X instead of S is, the height advantage of X. I like the advantage of being able to have that higher vantage position in the drivers seat.

gguinto | 11 August 2019

MX is so much more comfortable on road trips than the S. I’m in on one right now. Road trip from NY to Fremont for the Factory tour. We’ll be in the Bay Area from 8/12 - 8/15 before heading out to Lake Tahoe. If anyone is up for a meetup, let me know, Doing the factory tour on 8/14 @ 1:00pm.

@lilbean - glad you remembered good ‘ol gg. Wait, how do you know the OP got an S? I read through the replies and didnt see OP post anything about getting the S.

lilbean | 12 August 2019

He has a thread on the S forum and said. “After driving a Model S for several years, decided to give the Model 3 a try as my personal car. Had it over the past 10 months, so I certainly gave it the ol' college try. Finally decided, enough was enough and ordered another Model S, which I picked up today.”

sschaem | 12 August 2019

The falcon wings door can be a pain or a benefit. Depending on who uses them.
But they are fragile, temperamental, and slow. If you often access the back seat, do not get the X. Its too frustrating, wait for the Y. (And if you dont need the range, go look at the e-tron)

And yes, if you carry the fob with you with that feature enabled, the car will open, close, open close, etc... as you walk by. But most of the time is a cool feature to have. So I kept it enabled.
And it seem that you never even watched a video review of one? all doors are motorized and its a push to unclock/open. If you have passengers, you can open their doors, any doors.

The 6 seat configuration could use some design work, but its really what work better for your usage.
I would expect Tesla, at some point make them fold-able and offer arm rest. But seeing that Tesla is doing interior cost cutting with the 2019 Raven update, I'm not sure this will ever happen.

artc1688 | 14 August 2019

1. FWD is awesome. Kids love it and always puts a smile on their (and mine) face watching it open/close.
2. Auto open on the driver side door is cool but can be annoying if I do not plane to get inside of the car. However, i have often walked up to my "gas" car and waiting for the door to open and realized its not my MX. :-)
3. Six seat config is great for getting in/out but would have been nice to be able to fold down completely. counting the number of time I needed to fold down completely, I can live with the current config.

lilbean | 14 August 2019

It,is annoying when the doors open just by passing by. We had a few close calls when the door opened while another car was pulling into the garage.

lilbean | 14 August 2019

Would you trade the 3 for another X or an S?

lilbean | 14 August 2019

Would you want 2 x or one S and one 3?

andy-hill | 14 August 2019

I tow my boat with the x. Can’t do that with s.

bob | 14 August 2019

@bean. I'd like a Y and a PU truck. Just gonna have to wait.

lilbean | 14 August 2019

Me too, @bob.
Good point, @andy.

RAUDIKAL | 6 September 2019

I’ve had both and like the flexibility of the X.

1. The doors are cool but a gimmick. I don’t see any practical use for them. They take so long to open and close.

2. I like the auto open doors and use it all the time. One less step and helpful when my hands are full.

3. The six seat configuration is useful when using the rear most seats. The “seat unlatched” problem with seats can be annoying. I agree with others here that you lose the ability to completely fold the seats flat as with five or seven seat configurations.