Pressure Washer Choice

Pressure Washer Choice

Anyone pressure washing their cars at home? What style washer are you using? I have a couple I've looked at but keep coming back to the Sun Joe SPX3000. I'll be using Chemical Guys for cleaner so it has to be compatible.

Any other suggestions out there?

andy.connor.e | 23 July 2019

I wouldnt pressure wash your car. Do it by hand.

Mike83 | 23 July 2019

Two bucket hand wash and waterless cleaning.

Tesla-David | 23 July 2019

By hand for me too. I woul never use pressure washer on our MS or M3.

Dramsey | 23 July 2019

Most people think of intense, high-pressure water jets at close range when they imagine how pressure washers are used on cars. But unless you're cleaning the road tar off your work truck, that's not how you do it.

Here's how toI wash your Tesla (or any other car) with a pressure washer:

1. Set up washer and gently wet entire car from a distance.
2. Attach foam cannon to the pressure washer and soap the entire car. This only takes a couple of minutes.
3. Let the car sit for a minute or two, giving the soapy foam time to emulsify and loosen dirt and insect debris.
4. Remove the foam cannon and use the pressure washer to thoroughly rinse the car from a distance.

This gets the majority of the grime off without you have to scrub the surface physically. It's not only easier to do but easier on your finish as well.

I wash my Tesla the same way I wash my exotics. They're all cars, after all.

RedShift | 23 July 2019


I use your method sans the pressure washer. Just regular tap water pressure.

NKYTA | 23 July 2019

I’ve given up. Bugs need to come off! after a road trip. NKYTA is pushing 7 years old.

Trinity now gets all the love and care (3]. :-)

RedShift | 23 July 2019


I was like that. Until last month. I gave a nice clean bath to my 6.5 year old S. It’s looking almost new. To me anyways. :-)

Dramsey | 24 July 2019


"I use your method sans the pressure washer. Just regular tap water pressure."

Whatever works for you, of course. I like foam cannons and haven't seen one that would operate without a pressure washer.

DV_T3SLA | 24 July 2019

I'm not utilizing a jet steam on the pressure washer. It's a fan spray and has caused no issues over 7 years for me. I do hand wash but only with a large build up that the washer and soap don't remove

lilbean | 24 July 2019

Save water using Optimum no rinse with the two bucket method or waterless wash.

RedShift | 24 July 2019


The tap water pressure is enough. I use bubble bath soap to get more froth. ;-)

I have vinyl wrapped my 3. Both the S and the 3 are also multiple coated with ceramic stuff. So I’m a little blasé about washing, if you will. I wash regularly and gently, but not with super high care.

johncrab | 25 July 2019

I like Ryobi pressure washers. They work well and are quite a value, but I never, ever use one on a car. Griot's Garage sells a fun foam cannon which is operated by a pressure washer. If you have to drive through wet caliche and can't wash it off of your tires right away, a pressure washer would be an option on the tires and wheels but I would use a soak and scrub approach to plastic or painted surfaces.