Selecting replacement tires for a model X

Selecting replacement tires for a model X

I apologize if this has been covered before. I can't find any search function in this forum, so I don't know how to find previous threads on this topic.

My wife's 2017 Model X needs new tires. The OEM tires were Continental cross contact lx sport, but they only lasted 30,000 miles. So I'm looking for alternatives that will last longer. I've found three possibilities discussed various places online:

2. Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico with noise cancelling system
3. Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

I was wondering what experiences people had with these. Particularly, how is the traction in bad weather (rain and light snow), and, just as important, how are they very noise?

Any help would be appreciated.

My wife's tires sizes are 265/45R20 front and 275/45R20 rear.


Jackman | 30 July 2019

I just replaced the original Continentals on my early 2017 MX at 35K miles with Scorpion Verde A/S +, same sizes as yours. I notice no increase in road noise. Only time will tell if mileage is another 35k. No idea about wet road conditions since I live in SoCal where it doesn't rain. BTW, I bought Verdes because they were locally available at Americas Tire at a decent price, where other recommended tires were not.

mbirnie51 | 30 July 2019

2017 MX 75D: I just turned 38,000 miles on my original Continentals, and have about 4,000 left before I need new tires. About 70 % of my driving is extended trips on interstate roads. I will probably replace with same Continentals...Les Schwab gave me a quote for 50K warranty of 1,250.00 I will look at other vendors for price comparison but my MS P85 with contis went 32,000 before needing new rubber.

MasterT | 31 July 2019

I've had much less luck with the OEM Continentals CrossContact - the rear was replaced due to damage (internal side separation) at 10,000 miles but it really had not thread left at the time of damage, maybe couple thousand miles (the damaged tires were replaced with the same brand and model); the front was replaced at 13k miles due to wear - it was completely worn out. I'm not sure why I got so few miles out of these tires - I dont speed, dont race, very mild acceleration. All tires were worn out evenly - no camber. All my driving is local with very few highway miles, I wonder if that has to do with short life of the tires.

So I decided to try different tires in hopes of better mileage. I really like Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 for their wet performance (I live in FL) but their 265 size for the front is just shy of the required load rating and Tesla service would not install it. So I went with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ for the front and will put Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 on the rear when CrossContacts wear out

I've had Michelin Pilot Sport for about 2k miles now and like them much better than CrossContact - I think they're less noisy and preform much better, especially in wet - the grip is unbelievable.

khanhvn | 31 July 2019

Lask week I got a tire puncture. After 36K miles, my OEM tires still had 4-5K left, but I decided to get 4 new tires. Tesla mobile roadside service put on 4 new OEM Continentals tires on the spot the next day which saved me a trip to a service center :) Total cost is $1450 which I think is reasonable.

inconel | 31 July 2019

MasterT can you not put the PS A/S 3 in rear as well?

MasterT | 1 August 2019

@inconel - that tire model does not come in 275/45 size

ben | 1 August 2019

Our Tesla service center quoted us $2,000 for four tires (265 in front, 275 in rear) installed. For tires that only last 30,000 miles?

The comment from MasterT mentioned that DWS 06 tires don't meet the load requirements on the front (265 size). I thought they did. How do I confirm the load requirements on our car?

Anyone with experience with the Pirelli tires?

Triggerplz | 1 August 2019

Last year it was reported that these tires were made for electric vehicles they may be out by now

BlackTeslaX | 2 August 2019

I got my Model X from someone with slightly worn tires, so I got the new set of Continentals, exactly the same ones as I had before. Maybe when the new set gets worn, I'll try out something different...

ben | 2 August 2019

Triggerplz, thanks for pointing out that Goodyear tire for electric cars. I'm not a big fan of Goodyear, but I can see this being a trend for all brands as electric cars become more common, especially as the M3 owners start buying replacement tires in large quantities in a couple of years.

Now for my update for my original post: we picked up a nail puncture in one of the tires. Rather than fight with repair the tire, I moved up the time table to get new tires and we're having them installed today. We're getting the Pirelli Scorpion Verge All Season Plus, which come in the right sizes with the right load factors. The only downside is that the speed rating on the front tires will only be h instead of v. The tire shop (Discount Tires) assures me this isn't a problem.Cross our fingers.

beaver | 3 August 2019

I have Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 on my Model 3 and I am very happy. Shop around, check out America’s Tire

hoffenberg | 5 August 2019

I had 3 flats with my originals, so when it came time for replacements, did the Pirellis at discount tire. about 1200 dollars, so far so good. I do not notice any road noise change

ScooterJim | 5 August 2019

I have a 2016 X90D purchased in December 2016. My Con ti had 33,000 miles with about 5,000 miles left. I purchased Pirellis Verde A/S+ Sept 2017 with the Labor Day special pricing and 2 rebates (one from Discount Tire and one from Pirelli), cost was under $1000. It has been 11 months and 22,000 miles on the tires. I had them measured this week because I just completed an 8 week 10,500 mile trip (will enter a separate enter about my trip) and there is 8/32 inch left. Original tread depth is 11/22 inch. They seem as quite as the Conti and wet traction has been good. No snow experience since I live in Atlanta, but will find out this winter as I head to NJ for 2-3 months starting January. I kept the cold tire pressure at 42 psi wherever I am. So on this 10,000+ miles trip I carried a bicycle pump to adjust pressure from extreme places like Phoenix, AZ to Calgary, AB. I adjusted the pressure about 5 times to account for temperature and alitude changes, usually 2-3 psi up or down. I suggest start looking ahead before you need to replace tires and get an idea of the prices, then look at the prices during holiday sales. You could buy them and not install them right away.

hoffenberg | 6 August 2019

Great post ScooterJim......I am happy with the choice too

Saxman | 6 August 2019

@Scooter & hoffenberg

My MX 75D was also delivered in December 2016.

Currently 31+K miles on the original Contis. I've spent last 4 winters in Vail, CO and had good traction with Contis, however I will need to replace BEFORE winter.

Do you think Pirellis Verde will be better than Contis?


ScooterJim | 6 August 2019

I think the Pirellis Verde A/S+ would ride just as quite but last longer and seem to handle better also. By the way, I am at 55,000 miles now at 2.5 years. Leaving next week for another 3,000 miles to NJ and Montreal and back. In November heading back to California, and then back to NJ in December. I should have over 65,000 miles by the beginning of January. Leasing would be expensive with the miles I put on. I haven't completed 3 years yet. At least supercharging is free. The Verde A/S+ 275/45-20 are V-rated and the front 265/45-20 are H-rated. Pirelli makes the Scorpion Zero A/S+ in the same sizes and are Y-rated which probably won't last as long and ride harsher, but claim to handle better.

Sam | 6 August 2019

i have a 2018 model x and i just changed all 4 tires after just 20,000 miles. I put continentals back on, is it me?

mzero | 6 August 2019

Like MasterT, our 2017 X75 tires only lasted about 13K. Car is mostly driven locally. We put in the same tires as OEM since the local mechanic had them in stock and the car was going thru the yearly inspection and the guy won’t pass it since tires were completely worn out.the next replacement cycle, I will choose something else as these OEM tires wear out too maddeningly fast.

HannahUnderwood2.19 | 6 August 2019

The choice of tyres for your TESLA Model X is not one to be taken lightly. Several factors need to be considered: from the type and size of the car you have, to the way you use your vehicle in relation to the daily routes you take

gjohnson427 | 9 August 2019

For the owners not getting many miles, I have a '17 X100D with 24k miles and am almost to the wear bars on the originals. Not sure why, I got nearly 60k out of the original tires on my '04 Avalanche. So, I'll be looking for tires too shortly.

jimglas | 9 August 2019

did your avalanche weigh 6,000 lbs and have instant torque?

indani | 17 November 2019

Does anyone know what run flat tires can be used for a Tesla Model X 265/45/20F 265/45/20R

Bighorn | 17 November 2019

TireRack will show you their carried options.

ScooterJim | 22 November 2019

See my entries from Aug 5&6. I am on my trip and had to go to a service center for key fob problems and decided to have bi-annual maintenance at the same time. The service center measured my tread depth at 8/32 with 32,000 miles on the Pirellis. I find it strange that the tires were at 8/32 when I started my trip with 26,000 miles on these tires. I expect to put another 3000 miles before reaching home. When I return home, I'll have Discount Tire measure them again.

lilbean | 23 November 2019

I bought my own tread depth gauge.

artc1688 | 27 November 2019

I feel I am the only one here bothered by the fact of staggered tire configuration on MX. the limitation of not able to rotate the tire is awful. Have you guys considered buying a new set of rims that allows you to put the same size of tire and allow you to extend the tire life expectancy? is the staggered wheels worth all these cost/hassles?

Bighorn | 27 November 2019

Staggered tires were an issue on the RWD Model S (P85+) which resulted in rear tires being replaced twice as often as the front. That mostly goes away the advent of AWD. NBD.

Vawlkus | 29 November 2019

My winter rims are not staggered, and neither are those tires.

My factory all seasons are worn out, and I’m contemplating getting another non-staggered set of rims and getting new summer/all season tires that are all the same size so I can avoid the annoyance of having staggered tires moving forward.

mbirnie51 | 30 November 2019

I've been shopping for replacements for my 2017 MX 75D. OEM's were the Conti LX Sport and I have 41,000 on them, fronts have worn more than rears. Still have about 3,000 miles left on tread. I will replace with Conti and stay with the LX Sport. Schwab quoted me $1875 out the door; Tire Rack will ship the LX's to a shop near me for $1310, but I have to pay about $60 a corner to install them. American Tire just quoted me $1390 out the door and will sweeten the deal with 10% off if I pull the trigger today. I was sure to verify each quote was for the exact same Conti LX Sport (265 front and 275 rear) with 108/110V load /speed rating and 480AA tread wear/traction/temperature rating.

ScooterJim | 13 December 2019

I am back from my 8800 mile trip to LA, SF, SD, and 5 national parks. I started the trip with 8/32 and Discount Tire measured them today and all tires averaged 7/32. Therefore, I travel about 9000 miles per 1/32 of wear on the Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S plus. I usually replace tires at 3-4/32 depending if there is a holiday sale.

artc1688 | 17 December 2019

Tesla service told me when using the "Low" suspension mode, actually wears out your inner thread of the tire much faster.. Given my son thought having the lower suspension mode delivers better aerodynamic, our MX is always riding on the "low" mode.... needless to say, it is running on Standard height now, until it hits 60MPH or higher speed....

FYI for the MX owners trying to maximize the range of your tire...