dashcam video reply

dashcam video reply

I formatted a USB drive as required and set up the sentry mode as described. I simulated an exterior "event" to see how the recording works but nothing recorded and don't know why. How do you watch what will be eventually recorded on the USB?

raffidesigns | 30 July 2019

Sentry mode in more natural. Also you can't have the key on you. Leave the key at a distance. Then try to walk around like you're about to break into you're own vehicle. As far as what records, any interaction with the car via the side cameras and front.

Once you enter the vehicle you should a notification saying if any sentry mode events occurred. After that it's the same as the dash cam. Hold the dashcam icon until it flashes. Then remove.

mathwhiz | 31 July 2019

You didn't specify your Autopilot hardware version in your OP but, FYI - video recording is not supported for cars with Autopilot hardware version 2. | 1 August 2019

@nhodes - To be clear, you can't view the video on Tesla's display. You need to remove the flash drive and view it on another device such as a PC, MAC, tablet, or phone (with an adapter).

@Suzanne5681 - is spam and what she states make zero sense. Likely a copy and paste bot - please flag.

nhodes | 1 August 2019

Thanks for all the input. The problem is I don't get the camera/dashcam icon on the display and I can't figure out why or what to do.

MasterT | 1 August 2019

@nhodes - as other asked, what's your MCU and autopilot hardware versions?

Fom Tesla support page: "Dashcam is only available for Model S and Model X cars manufactured after August 2017, and all Model 3 cars."

robsando24 | 4 August 2019

I witness a accident how can I retrieve a video from my tesla x model

LTR | 4 August 2019

The dashcam video is deleted and rewritten over time. To save a clip associated with an event, wait one minute until the event is over and press the dashcam icon. This will save the clips in the Saved, rather than Recent, folder. | 5 August 2019

@robsando24 - Yep, it only saves 1 hour of video and then overwrites the oldest segment. This all assumes you have previously installed a USB flash drive and properly prepared. If not, there is nothing to retrieve.

This article covers everything you need to know about getting and setting up your flash drive: if you haven't done it yet.