Tesla US in Ukraine (Europe) | letter to Tesla Head (leader) and shareholders

Tesla US in Ukraine (Europe) | letter to Tesla Head (leader) and shareholders

Hello to everyone.

Have fun situation with Tesla support, in Ukraine already 1000+ US tesla and soon will be more.

I try to contact with Tesla regarding firmware issue tesla US cars in Ukraine, for example some time MCU die and need download firmware (or single file) from Tesla serves or take this file from Tesla service centers for restore MCU .

By Tesla policy they does not support US cars in EU, but also they can't transfer cars file to owner email, and only one way move car back to US, this is very expansive and take many law papers.

Since Tesla E-mail support was not provided to me any contact to resolve the issue above, i am writing an open letter to Tesla Head (leader) and Tesla shareholders.

Please allow for owners download tesla cars files (firmware or single files like carskey.tar) or take directly from any Europe Tesla service center. This will solve the vulnerability problem with Tesla cars since without carskey.tar Tesla MCU can't connect to Tesla serves and Tesla mobile application does not work.

We are part a Tesla Family : (Tesla Ukraine community)

p/s If someone can distribute this letter to Tesla shareholders or Tesla Head,I will be grateful.

Please share this thread to other Tesla forums or Tesla community.

Thank you

triple5moto | 6 August 2019

We need supercharger adapters too Elon! TSL02 to CCS2!

UA_US_tesla | 10 August 2019

with good price for this Tesla US -> CCS2 , $450 like chademo/

Diered | 14 August 2019

It seems to me that it is worth promoting the spread of electric vehicles in different countries, and not hampering. The company's policy in this direction is slightly late.

UA_US_tesla | 20 August 2019

1) Diered i fully support your reply, electric vehicles must have support worldwide. For example mobile phones Apple lost leader position , when SAMSUNG with his WORLDWIRE warranty today is Number 1 , you can purchase Samsung device in USA or Japan and have service in Europe.


2) Good idea Tesla be leader in electric vehicles - it's provide Worldwide warranty.


3) Today is 20 days left from my message to Tesla contact page and tesla support email and


Since Tesla ignores me and all US tesla cars owners in EU and Ukraine, I ask to SUPPORT ME to Everyone (Tesla Owners and Tesla community from any countries) with flash mob.

We are Tesla US cars owners from EU, really need YOUR help reaching out to the manual.




1 ) Log In Twitter / or register new user here
2 ) write in the field what’s happening


3) insert the link after the text

// Thanks for YOUR support !