How many miles are you actually getting with your Model X?

How many miles are you actually getting with your Model X?

I have a new 100D MX with 22" RIM
trying my very best to get the maximum mileage when driving on the highway or around town.
Based on my avg 65MPH speed (or below) and gentle acceleration, I am happy if I can get 230 miles without too nervous about reaching the next charging station...

what is your experience in maximizing your distance on your MX?

bhuhn | 13 August 2019

I've noticed that mine rarely even gets 200 miles out of the projected 260 even if I stay in range mode the whole time.

inconel | 13 August 2019

This Summer to experiment I have been switching back and forth between OEM 20" and 22" wheels. With 22" my avg has been around 400Wh/mile, with 20" it is around 340Wh/mile.

400Wh/mile translates to 92kWh for 230 miles on a 100 battery so that seems reasonable.

And the range penalty of 10 to 20% with the 22" is real at least for me.

sschaem | 13 August 2019

The mileage projection in my experience have been within 1% accurate , and maybe some time 2% off but its rare.
(under expected conditions)
So range anxiety is rare as you know you will get to the destination location with the estimated charge.

You also know pretty quick if the estimation will be way off.

So you have to use the car navigation, for road elevation, temperature, speed limit will have dramatic effect on range.
In the winter for example, I dont even get half the rated range going to the mountain. And if you plan to take cargo, give yourself a generous margin on arrival. 20% is usually a safe amount if you drive with passenger and the temperature can drop during your travel.
Right now, the only electric car that can get me to my destination are long range Teslas in those conditions.
Even so its less then a 100 miles trip.

I think I get ~420kw per mile average on the odometer. So 184 miles per leg if I go from 90%-10% (good / flat driving by myself)
I expect that this will drop by 10% in the first 5 years, but could be upto 30%. (Tesla does not really guaranty the battery beyond that or a total failure)

For me less than a 15% drop would be manageable, but more then that and I wont be able to drive this Tesla to some of my common destination. So the hope is that Tesla will offer a battery swap for owner that need the range restored by then.

ckilaru | 13 August 2019

I mostly use mine for non-freeway commute to work. A single charge to 80% will give me about 140 to 150 miles before it reaches 20% at which time I charge again. Averaging about 350KWh/mile and I lose about 15KW of power to phantom drain over a period of 5 days. On my most recent long distance drive of about 100 miles, I averaged about 285KW.

Model X Guy | 13 August 2019

I have averaged 316WH/mile over 29,000miles of city and Interstate driving. I am running 19" Slipstream 8" wide wheels from a Model S with Michelin tires that match the diameter of the original 20" Slipstreams. Look "cool" with 22" or get good range with 20" wheels or great range and ride with 19" wheels. It's up to you.

artc1688 | 13 August 2019

wow... you can fit a 19" wheel on MX?

jimglas | 13 August 2019

my wife gets better range than I do

kvince | 15 August 2019

I drove from Portland to Cannon Beach (Oregon), about 85 miles with 3 passengers and luggage and had 68% left when we arrived. It was last June and was mainly highway driving, but did involve going over the coast range at speed - that was glorious, no more 4 bangers for us!

lilbean | 15 August 2019

I drove four miles yesterday.

inconel | 16 August 2019

Did you have range anxiety on that drive?

USCRXDR | 16 August 2019

I have a sig X(#3XX) with 44,000 miles on it, 22" wheels and at full charge approx. 223 miles, not bad!