Navigating a long drive to a conference, ending with 16mi range

Navigating a long drive to a conference, ending with 16mi range

I am trying to figure out how to navigate a 400+ mile trip from central NJ to Guelph Ontario for a 4 day conference, and how to get back with a bit of buffer through the trip. If I program it into my navigation with a full 'tank', I end up with about a 16mi buffer at my destination. The closest Tesla charging unit is 85 ki, so I would like to modify the trip to add the extra charge on the way. I cannot find a way of adding charging stations, nor doing a 'round trip' from home, to destination, back home though I will be doing minimal driving at my destination. Can anyone advise me on how to modify navigation to accommodate me arriving to the destination with enough stored? I assume that it will be warm, running air conditioning, etc.

reed_lewis | 15 August 2019

Did you check for destination chargers where you are going? Sometimes plugging in at your destination is a great way to top off the battery. You do not need to have a full battery when you return back home, as long as you can make it to a Super Charger.

Looking at There are a bunch of chargers on the way from Central, NJ to Guelph. You will be going near Buffalo, etc.

I would stop halfway and Super Charge and eat something, and then stop a the closest Super Charger near your destination if there is no destination charging.

jlhm | 15 August 2019

There is supercharging at Cambridge, ON. Like 15-20 miles away from Guelph.

Uncle Paul | 15 August 2019

As you go along your Navigated trip, select a charger that will serve your purpose and re-navigate there. After getting the juice you desire, simply select your original destination and your on board computer will revise itself to indicate your new state of charge and amount of charge remaining at your final destination.

Easier to do than it was to type these instructions. :)

aashparikh1 | 15 August 2019

I have been requesting for multiple destination since I purchased the car but no response from technical support. It definitely helps when you are travelling to multiple destination where you can easily reach Pt A but than you get stuck if there is not enough battery to reach Pt.B from Pt.A. In that case navigation can prompt you to get charged before reaching Pt.A I hope they read this thread and update the map application asap.

jimglas | 16 August 2019

this thread looks like a spam magnet

reed_lewis | 20 August 2019

Why did this thread become the SPAM magnet?

PrescottRichard | 14 October 2019

Reed - I suspect any thread with a link can become a spam magnet. Seems those that get spammed have links in previous posts, but. I guess that’s just a correlation.

To help out the OP, assuming you can use the browser in your car try abetterrouteplanner dot com. There’s a settings page where you can tell it which car you have and what % you like to have at arrival. I left that web page up when driving, worked pretty well.

sbeggs | 2 March 2020

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dalmace | 28 March 2020

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