Loaners during Tesla repair

Loaners during Tesla repair

I cant find the thread, but FWIW, I was given a Model S P85D as a loaner while I left my car to have my windshield replaced and the sensors aligned on my P3D.
So it appears they do still have loaners.
I live > 2 hrs away from the Servce Center | 19 August 2019

Yep, a lot of FUD around. Now generally if you only need a few hours to a day in the shop, they give you Uber or Lyft credit. If it is estimated upon drop-off to need 2 or more days for warranty work, a loaner is available. Some locations may have a different policy, but generally, loaners are still available.

rxlawdude | 19 August 2019

@TTap and @jimglas, agreed. The loaner-vs-Uber decision is based on estimated time to repair.

EVRider | 19 August 2019

There was a recent Electrek article about this:

GHammer | 19 August 2019

I got a loaner today like always. Service was great at PDX, like always.

NKYTA | 19 August 2019

I haven’t asked for a loaner in a few years, since it was just annuals and nits for the 2012 S. Leave the loaners to whom actually need them. Plus we live 12miles from Burlingame and we can schedule around our jobs pretty easily. It was always fun getting the latest X or P100 back in the day, but I felt a bit unwashed (whatever that means).

Fast forward to the punch list for the wife’s 3, they forgot 2/5, and didn’t start on the car until the evening we expected it done, one day late. We did what any normal would do, asked about it, and gave them a much lower score on this service visit. I suspect that is partially due to Burlingame now doing deliveries for 3’s, which they never did in the past. They don’t have the parking nor facilities for it.

And I did say wire, right? ;-)