Oxnard CA Tesla Service Center

Oxnard CA Tesla Service Center

A big shout out to Blake and the guys at the Oxnard Service Center. They're always quick to respond, do great work, and offer excellent customer service that Tesla should take note of and institute throughout the company.

The next time you make a service appointment, consider Oxnard. It's worth the drive.

Ohmster | 20 August 2019

Ditto for Agoura Hills, CA. Great folks.

cslaurie | 27 September 2019

I'll second Oxnard and Blake.

Aerodyne | 27 September 2019

Thanks for the tip. I had an excellent service experience with Santa Barbara SC. Shout out to the SA, Angela.

Oxnard is closer to me, might give it a try.

Made in CA | 28 September 2019

Good to hear, thanks. Glad to hear Oxnard is up and running. This is now the closest service center to me and will use it next time.

I always have had great service in Santa Barbara. Agoura has been a mixed bag.