Sentry Mode stopped working

Sentry Mode stopped working

Both the app and the central console show that Sentry Mode is active, but neither alerts will be activated, nor will scenes recorded.
Today, someone hit my rear bumper - at that time Sentry wasn’t working anymore...

I’ve restarted the system (with brake and the two wheel buttons pressed), but it still doesn’t notice or observe anything!
I have 2019.28.3.1. | 24 August 2019

Likely your USB flash drive is full. It stops recording when Sentry mode "saves" fill up the drive. The latest version now warns you when it is full. You have to pull the drive and erase or reformat it on your PC/Mac.

Any chance you have a tiny drive? Here are my recommendations:

I recommend 128 GB minimum, which should let it run for 2-3 weeks before filling up. Small drives like a 32 GB can fill in a couple of days. | 24 August 2019

Also, less likely, Sentry mode does not operate below 20% SOC so that it doesn't completely drain your battery if it is parked for a long time.

andras.hatvani | 24 August 2019

I have 50% SoC and a 256GB USB stick which when it’s full will be alerted via a symbol in the status bar and it has 200+ GB free space.
This is what I’ve found:

jbwillows | 25 August 2019

I understand that the DashCam stops recording when the car locks. My seems to keep recording all three cameras and using up the hour recording the inside of my garage.Why doesn't stop recording when it locks? Am I suppose to pause it each time I park? Also, when I return to the car when Sentry Mode has been running, the screen reports "XX number of Events". I thought each event would be saved in the Save Folder but I can't find the recording of the "Event". Where should I be looking? | 25 August 2019

@andras - I don't see anything in that link that would help. Some conjecture about a possible bug. Likely if at some point you just erased the files, they are still in the recycle bin and consuming disk space. Tesla is using Linux and it will not auto-delete files in the hidden recycle bin. So while you think there is 200 GB free, perhaps it is really full from a Linux (and Tesla) standpoint. A format is likely a better way to clean the drive. Don't forget to add back the TesalCam folder.