Cowardly attacks on Greta

Cowardly attacks on Greta

Low life posing as journalists promoting Climate deniers.

Tesla-David | 4 September 2019

Yes, scumbag AGW deniers parading as journalist are the lowest life forms on the planet IMHO, even lower than pond scum. She is an incredible tour de force, and excellent spokesperson for the youth movement, and I support her 1000 percent. The concluding paragraph from the link above says it best.

"Thunberg, like the overwhelming scientific consensus she is intimately familiar with, is loud and clear on this urgent imperative: The time for waiting and seeing was over long ago.

Patience, in this pressing context, is not a virtue, it is an abdication of responsibility.
Thunberg has deployed every democratic tool at her imaginative disposal to make this salient point again and again. She is the personification of the democratic impulse, not the antithesis of it.

So, I join millions of other global citizens who have been humbled, inspired and stirred by Thunberg's steely steadfastness in the face of the often-repellent locusts who come to bury her, not to praise her.

Here's looking at you, kid."

Uncle Paul | 4 September 2019

Sounds like Greta is the new Pinball Wizard.

Very sincere sounding little girl.

rxlawdude | 4 September 2019

@UP, except she's clearly not deaf, dumb, and blind. Pick any two infirmities out of those three and you'd likely be describing a ACC denier. :-)

Tesla-David | 4 September 2019

Uncle every time you post on this topic you demonstrate your profound ignorance on all things related to AGW/Climate Emergency and Greta Thunberg. You are an idiot!!

Uncle Paul | 5 September 2019

Did not want to cast criticism.

Wanted to point out, that even though Greta has physical and mental issues, she is still attracting a large and loyal following.

Some will call her a visionary, others a fear monger.

Tesla-David | 5 September 2019

Greta speaks the truth and deniers like you need to listen to her message. Her future is very much in peril without prompt action on climate emergency.

Mike83 | 5 September 2019

Look at the cowards funding Climate deniers. Reminds me of NIMBYS, except
it's about I enjoyed my life but don't care about your life. They think they're funny if you notice their attacks

Tesla-David | 5 September 2019

Thanks @Mike83 for the link. I despise these denier assholes funding misinformation to confused public. They should’ve taken to the Hague and tried for crimes against humanity and Planet Earth. I would give them the death penalty. I watched all 7 hours of CNN’s climate townhall last night. I was impressed with most except Biden.