I need/I want a Tesla Pick Up

I need/I want a Tesla Pick Up

I Have 2016 S90,2019 X100, Tesla Solar Panels 4 Power Walls , Tesla Stock and I want the Tesla Pick Up and can't wait to put the order in

roy_h | 4 September 2019

Any updates on the possible release? My Land Rover is on it's last leg, trying to keep it running till the "T"ruck is rolled out.... "T"ruck bah ha hahaha... I just made that up. "T"ruck.....I like it..... MINE - COPY WRITE...and other legal jargon. But seriously - can't wait for full size Pick Up to come out.

andy.connor.e | 4 September 2019

I think the truck unveil should be sometime in the next 2 months. | 4 September 2019

Figure the start of production at low volumes around 18-24 months after the reveal. Depends on if Tesla can use anything from other cars, such as the battery or motors. I suspect the battery will be new, but it may be able to use the Model 3 motors as they do in the Semi.

andy.connor.e | 4 September 2019

Good thing about EVs is that the motors can be universal. I do also wonder what the production will look like. Has there been a selected location to build the Y yet?

saxxon | 4 September 2019

Waiting to see what it has to offer as well. Nursing along my 1997 Dodge 2500 4x4 with the V10 motor. I have 3 trailers I haul with it and light to medium construction equipment (skid steers, backhoes, farm machinery etc), and one of them is out of class (too heavy really) for a class 2 truck. Realistically I need a class 5 truck - ie equivalent to the Dodge 4500/5500, Ford 450/550/650, Chevy 4500/5500/6500 etc.

The key difference in most all of these vehicles is the chassis & suspension, for instance the 6.7L Cummins diesel motor is in all the larger Ram trucks, 6.6L Duramax in all the larger Chevys, and Ford uses a 6.7L Powerstroke in their larger pickups. All these motors have similar output, the difference is what they can carry or tow.

When discussing towing, pulling an airliner on level ground, or railcars down the track is a BS Barnum Bailey stunt. The capacity the truck can tow has to take part of the weight on the truck frame to tow on the highway at acceptable speeds. Nominally this is 10% of trailer weight - there is no way a pickup has a 100,000# suspension to legitimately tow 1 million pound trailers.

In the real world, the 3500-6500 versions of trucks are hitting the low to mid 30,000#s in trailer weight, either by gooseneck, 5th wheel or even bumper pull.

The real measure of the Tesla truck is to beat that, not by "towing" an airliner like Ford "towed" a train, but beat 35k#s towing at 75mph for a few hundred miles. That is what a work truck does.

I know whatever I get to replace my 23 year old truck ('97 but went into service July '96), it has to be able to pull my 8500# flatbed bumper pull trailer, with a 3500# tractor and 9000# skid steer on it. Any 5 series pickup can do that, even a 4 series works. I know my 2 series struggles with just the trailer and smaller tractor, forget the skid steer (to be fair, I didn't plan on towing equipment like this when I bought the truck over 2 decades ago). Next truck has to be able to do it all.

john | 4 September 2019

what happened to the plans and photos of a small compact Tesla truck? although all other manufacturers make bigger and bigger each year, there are many people looking for a small compact truck.

nipper2 | 5 September 2019

I wish we could add a Truck forum to the Tesla Forum so those interested in the truck could share our thoughts | 5 September 2019

@nipper2 - Seems Tesla only adds a forum after the car is released. Makes a little sense, as the forum up to that point is mostly speculation and out of date information. Still, they could make a truck or Y forum and just delete or archive it to start over once released.

@john - I'm not sure Tesla has ever stated the size of the truck, although, with some of the early specifications, I doubt it will be a compact truck. Competition is a factor, as most compact trucks are in bottom end cost-wise. I thought the target price for Tesla's Truck is $50K.

@andy - Y production is planned for Fremont.

David N | 5 September 2019

Elon has mentioned on several occasions that “under 50k” price.
Personally, after following Tesla and listening closely to Elon for over 7 years now, there’s no way that the Tesla Truck as described until now will be anywhere close to 50k. Oh, maybe they will continue to use the Model 3 pricing structure(and we all know how that went over), but no way will a 400 mile, super truck come in for under 50k. My guess is w air suspension, 400 mile battery, it’s going to be in 75k range.
Hope I’m wrong.
I’m worried that Elon is going off the deep end on this truck. He’s mentioned that he doesn’t care how many he sells. I mean seriously? You don’t care how many trucks you sell? The impression he left me after listening to him is that he doesn’t want a typical looking pick up, he wants some futuristic cybor looking thing. Sorry, but weird looking vehicles don’t sell in the U.S.
Hope I’m wrong.
Last I heard was truck team was trying to get him down to a level of some kind of normalcy.
I think we are all looking forward to what they have planned. I just hope it’s a “Wow” and not a “What the heck was he thinking”

David N | 9 September 2019

Elon’s tweet today says November for pick up

David N | 9 September 2019

Production for pick up comes after Y is in production. 2021 sounds reasonable for the pick up.

nipper2 | 16 September 2019

I plan on ordering as soon as they stat taking Orders anyone else?

roy_h | 18 September 2019

I'd be interested in a pre-order if and when they get a program together. Only if it will insure I get one of the first few off the assembly line.

TabascoGuy | 18 September 2019

You may have to order a lot more than one to have a chance of getting one of the "first few".

All kidding aside, how close you live to the factory that they end up making them in probably will play a bigger role in how soon you could get one after they start production.

andy.connor.e | 18 September 2019

"how close you live to the factory that they end up making them in probably will play a bigger role in how soon you could get one after they start production."


roy_h | 18 September 2019

Just so happens there is a Tesla Gigafactory just down the road from my home. They make power walls and batteries...or...umm...powerpacks. I doubt any trucks will be assembled there. | 18 September 2019

@roy_h - Actually I give it better than 50/50 odds that the truck will be built at the Nevada GF. They almost made the Y there, but since it shares so much with the 3, Tesla concluded Fremont was better. The Truck will share very little with the 3/Y, and the motors and battery packs are already being made at the GF. I think the Semi is already planned to be assembled at the GF too. The largest impediment will be finding enough workers for the GF.

roy_h | 18 September 2019

good to know. Thanks - I'll keep an eye out and hopefully I can purchase one at the factory.

stevencsimpson | 9 October 2019

I want to buy a founder's edition Pickup Truck!! Will the truck be designed to pull a fifth wheel trailer? Will the truck have cameras to assist with trailer alignment?

Ross1 | 9 October 2019

Probably have a version of Summon to autohook the trailer

Madatgascar | 19 October 2019

Materials: Think it will be aluminum? To get the performance to match a 911 while fighting pickup truck aerodynamics it will need to be as light as possible. The aluminum F150 saved 700# over steel. Titanium would be too expensive (though wouldn’t that be awesome, unpainted?)

From a practicality standpoint, anything other than steel will probably get a rap for being expensive to repair. Fortunately Ford did a pretty good job making their aluminum F150 cheap to repair by making it easy to swap out body panels. Assuming they go with aluminum, Tesla will need to get service centers and spare parts ready for this - not one of their core strengths. Pickups will take a lot of abuse, and I wouldn’t put it past the pickup truck crowd to try to show how easy it is to “total” a Tesla pickup.