In my next M3, I'd like Tesla to install grab handles for the driver and front seat passenger.

decoss | 5 September 2019

Shouldn't have said Supercharger

CharleyBC | 5 September 2019

I made my own out of 3/4-inch galvanized pipe, elbows and mounts. Fits right in with the Tesla steampunk aesthetic.

BTW, you can edit your own original post.

M3phan | 5 September 2019

What do you mean speedsgrab handles? Outside or inside?

spuzzz123 | 5 September 2019

That’s an odd typo to make. You sure it ain’t clickbait?

sduck409 | 5 September 2019

Someone can't type (or proofread).

ElectricAlex | 5 September 2019

I think he means “ oh shit” handles

M3phan | 7 September 2019

ahh. Got it now. Passengers do seem to not know what to do with their hands at first, reaching up for nothing. But I wouldn’t want handles in there. I like it how it is without them me self.

jimglas | 7 September 2019

that's what I call my waist

PhillyBob | 7 September 2019

OK .... This is the only complaint I have my 3. I am glad to finally jump on the criticize bandwagon .....

Still grinning.

kaffine | 7 September 2019

I know it is a common complaint for passengers in my car. However oh my god handles have pretty much gone away as they get in the way of side curtain airbags. I've offered to get some good suction cups with handles and they can position it as needed on the glass.