Why Did Supercharging Stop?

Why Did Supercharging Stop?

Why did my Model S stop charging? Or why did the Supercharger stop charging?

San Diego Fashion Valley. 72kW Superchargers - ten minutes into an estimated 40 minute charging session, for no apparent reason, Supercharging stopped.

The way I found out about it is that I just heppened to pull my phone out to check how far along the charging was coming. Annoyed me to no end that several minutes had passed when the car wasn’t being charged. I restarted the Supercharging and I’m now compulsively keeping an eye on it.

Do I have to keep craning my neck down at my phone at all times, checking if my car is still Supercharging?

One of the things I most loathe doing is looking at my phone for no reason, in the manner of millions of shaggy bearded, tattooed, millennial bros who roam the earth, forever peering down at their phones while walking, waiting, eating. drinking, driving, standing at the urinal, or doing whatever they’re doing during their every waking hour.

There, it stopped again! What the Hell is going on?! Supercharging here, at this particular charging stall is turning into a big waste of time.

PrescottRichard | 17 September 2019

I guess you could turn alerts on.

Or try another charging stall if one is available. Report the broken one to

Hope you have a better day!

Bighorn | 17 September 2019

Rare occurrence. I wouldn't perseverate like a triggered millenial:)

PrescottRichard | 17 September 2019

Could be a fish hook post too. BH, you should see all the stuff that I typed out and deleted before deciding on posting something tolerant. You never know, sometimes good people have bad days.

EVRider | 17 September 2019

I think Tesla will limit supercharging to 80% in some cases, even if you have the charge limit set higher. Could that have happened here?

Shesmyne2 | 17 September 2019

Wow BH you reading dictionaries in retirement?! Had to look that one up!

Still Grinning ;-)

Bighorn | 17 September 2019

Had no idea what you were talking about in my hypnagogic state:)

barrykmd | 17 September 2019

BH - I used that word in a post on another (non-car) forum recently and got the same response as shesmyne2 :-) I think medical training has something to do with knowing that word.

Bighorn | 17 September 2019

Probably on psych rotation. Concomitant is another throw away that gets a lot of quizzical looks.

NKYTA | 17 September 2019

BH, I gave her a précis on the first, not knowing what it might be like to be a triggered Millennial. Of which you have no solid. And neither does she. ;-)

But I was mostly right, in the sense of the word+sentence....after I had her look it up. ;-)

On the latter, hypnagogic, really!?! Are you just tired from the last road trip or have you been Reddetting?

Don’t look.

Bighorn | 18 September 2019

I was thinking of hypnagogic recently because when I roadtrip, I tend to have pretty intense hypnopompic disoriention after supercharger naps. The two words go hand in hand, obviously. I’ll wake up and have zero clue where I am or what’s going on. Kind of scary at first, but now it’s more indicative of a solid sleep and I know I’ll eventually figure it out.

barrykmd | 18 September 2019

BH - think in terms of a 3 digit number for your location, e.g., #762, etc.

shanewebb86 | 18 September 2019

@Aves This happened to me too this weekend. 0 other people at the charging station. Got from ~30% to ~50% when I got the notification that it had stopped. I unplugged and plugged back in and it was fine

It was about 70 degrees out so it shouldn't have been an overheat issue.

redacted | 19 September 2019

It can be easy to mix up loath and loathe because of their extremely similar spellings, but here’s the difference: Loath is an adjective that means reluctant. Loathe is a transitive verb that means to be disgusted with. --

Also your app will alert you when it stops supercharging.

redacted | 19 September 2019

BTW, I'm loath to point out grammar mistakes, but I really loathe them.

avesraggiana | 19 September 2019

@redacted. Thank you. My mistake. I do happen to be aware of the distinction between loathe and loath - I was hurriedly typing my post on my smartphone, without benefit of my reading glasses. I didn't realize that I'd dropped the "e" until you pointed it out. I'm going to correct the above now, if I still can. I hate grammar errors too.

Here's the thing - my app NEVER alerted me, by any method, that the charging had stopped. It took my pulling out my phone out of my pocket to check how the charging was coming for me to discover that the charging had indeed stopped. Only then did I see, "CHARGING STOPPED" on the Tesla app.

I restarted supercharging from my phone, kept an eye on my phone, and sure enough, charging stopped a second time. This time I caught it just as the charging stopped so I immediately restarted, again.

Here's the indignity of it all - Tesla billed my credit card on file $4.50, or nine minutes of IDLE time. That was about how much time passed between the charging stopping the first time, and my chance discovery of it. At that point, the charging had stopped at 36%, well below the preset limit that I had put in place of 90%. In the end, I left the Suerpcharging station at 82% because I was in danger of running late.

I called Tesla, and was informed of a 40 minute plus wait time, and I sent two emails, neither of which have been answered.

I called my credit card company who advised me that I could either file a Dispute, or a Fraud Claim. Believe me, I gave serious thought to the latter for a few minutes, before calming down and settling on a simpler Dispute claim.

Bighorn | 19 September 2019

Not a great situation, clearly. I've discovered stopped charging randomly or sometimes I catch it by hearing the contactors open. The fact that texts don't chime because they're BTed to the car prevents a lot of messaging, but that 's another story. There is a 5 minute grace period, so you probably discovered it at 14 minutes. I had over $100 in errant idle charges at several stations that I handled via email. They all got credited back.

avesraggiana | 19 September 2019

@Bighorn. Thanks for reporting your experience with this. It's encouraging.

steveg1701 | 19 September 2019

@bighorn I think the issue with BT keeping your texts from chiming is a phone issue, not a Tesla one FWIW. I just started getting that problem when I upgraded my phone to a Pixel 3a, fixed it by disabling streaming audio on the phone BT profile for my car! You can access this setting only when the connection is inactive

Bighorn | 19 September 2019

In the words of The Blue Brothers, "Thanks, steve!"

plusplusjames | 21 September 2019

I am finding more and more cases of superchargus interuptus at various locations. It pays to keep a watch on your car and move it to another stall if one stops suddenly. I've also noticed broken stalls in Southampton, NY and Levis, QC.

xmztzt | 12 October 2019

I am finding more and more cases of superchargus interuptus at various locations. as well!!!! so far, i never had a smooth supercharge experience so far, in SF Bay area

medawky | 13 October 2019

@bighorn I like the cut of your jib.@prescottrichard your first reply to Bh is sage advice and a good reminder.

Mi75d | 13 October 2019

I had the same problem with my MS75D after the fuse for the main battery burned out and was replaced. It happened a few times, and then it went back to normal. You could try changing chargers. If it keeps happening, call Tesla service.

Mozart | 13 October 2019

It's possible that you inadvertently bumped the "stop charging " button in the Tesla app with the charging page open. It happened to me once. Now, I always make sure that I close the charging window before I left put the phone in my pocket