Amazon signs contract to buy 100k delivery trucks from Rivian

Amazon signs contract to buy 100k delivery trucks from Rivian

andy.connor.e | 19 September 2019

Amazon has the money to do literally anything with their company. It would be a sin for them to not do something like this.

RedShift | 19 September 2019

I wish more companies with a lot of cash reserves (lets just call it company A based in Cupertino) had the guts to do things like this.

Instead of just releasing phones with more camera lenses crammed into them.

iCar has been a iFail for so long now.

SamO | 19 September 2019

Good. Want to see a Tesla fanboy happy. Just make plans to delivery EVs to be used as much as possible.



SCCRENDO | 19 September 2019

Kudos to Amazon. A great innovative company. But they do need to work on their labor practices.

rxlawdude | 19 September 2019

Let's see Rivian actually deliver. Anything.

andy.connor.e | 19 September 2019

Aside from this being an important thing for Amazon to do. 100,000 orders one time will not sustain a company. Perhaps Rivian is crowdfunding.

bnnf | 19 September 2019

it's not real news seems fake new

SCCRENDO | 19 September 2019

@bnnf. Why would you think it is fake news. It didn’t come from Fox

milesbb | 19 September 2019

By replacing an ICE Delivery van with an EV Delivery van, CO2 savings is likely 5-10 times that of replacing an ICE car with a EV. I would guess Delivery vans of this type are in service 6-12 hr/day far more than the normal automobile. Hopefully this will spell an end to the Dodge/Mercedes diesel sprinter style vans.

Tesla2018 | 21 September 2019

The good news is that the electric delivery trucks will be a lot quieter. They recently replaced the garbage trucks in my area with natural gas powered ones and now I don't get woken up in the morning by them. Also it is good for people that have dogs bark every time a truck goes down the street.

Only problem would be that they may not have the capability to charge hundreds of trucks at one location

Ross1 | 22 September 2019

Why is it good about the dogs?

andy.connor.e | 23 September 2019

train your dogs

Tesla2018 | 23 September 2019

A lot of dogs in my neighborhood bark if they hear loud trucks ornoises. Guess they dont like the garbagemen taking the cans from in front of the house or the FedEx drivers that drop off packages, ring the doorbell and leave. Ive never seen a dog that doesnt bark whenever a doorbell rings. Cats couldnt care less.

sklancha | 23 September 2019

Kudos to Amazing and Rivion. I saw an article that said this is bad news for Tesla, but that doesn't make sense. This kind I'd support should encourage investors and secure early success. I'm not sure who makes these kind of ICE delivery vans, but Right Rivian looks positioned to do to them what Tesla is doing to the luxury cegiclw industry, or what the Chinese companies are doing to the bus industry.0 industry. I personally am rooting for Rivians success.

sklancha | 23 September 2019

Kudos to AMAZON

sklancha | 23 September 2019

Nobody should ever be allowed to post with their phone, particularly when auto correct is only noticed AFTER the comment is posted.. Ugh

blue adept | 25 September 2019

I'm with @rxlawdude on this one given that historical precedent has shown us all, time and time again, a lot of different people and even companies, both big and small, have made claims and assertions in the past, yet nothing has ever materialized...ever.

Don't get me wrong, I do hope that Rivian can come through and, with Ford's manufacture, production and engineering resources available to them, thanks in large part to their (Ford's) $500 million investment, they just might manage to pull it off:

We'll see.

Hal Fisher | 25 September 2019

Amazon could just as easily kill ravian off by suddenly dropping the order after rivian ramps up to build them.

andy.connor.e | 26 September 2019

Amazon could literally just build their own god damn EVs. Companies that do nothing with hundreds of billions of dollars make me sick. Cant even begin to understand what they could do with even just 5 billion dollars.

Earl and Nagin ... | 26 September 2019

You're assuming that they know how to build an EV. I think that if you look at how many $billions the original Microsoft billionaires blew trying to do things about which they knew little, you'd be appalled.
On the other hand, some of their failures did, eventually lead to good things. For example: Back in the 1990's, when it wasn't clear to EV and alternative energy visionaries, how energy would be stored. Fuel cells, batteries, and flywheels all seemed equally hampered with challenges.
Harold Rosen (inventor of the Hughes' Geo-Stationary Satellites), with help from his billionaire brother, Ben (owner of Compaq Computers), started Rosen Motors to pursue high speed flywheels as a means of storing energy in EVs. If my recollection is correct, a lot of their money also came from Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen. They were fortunate to find a brilliant engineer to drive their company along. His name is JB Straubel, a name all Tesla enthusiasts know as Tesla's CTO. Rosen Motors collapsed, losing a lot of its investors' money, however, it gave JB Straubel the chance to prove himself. Harold Rosen pulled Straubel in to help with a Boeing (Hughes Space and Communications had been sold to Boeing) consortium to build a solar airplane that used fuel cells to fly overnight. This also failed, taking a lot of money down, however, it left Straubel available and Rosen introduced Straubel to Elon Musk (fellow rocket guy) who was trying to start an EV company. The rest is history.
Musk, unlike most billionaires, actually understands physics as well as business and design. This makes him a rare individual uniquely qualified to start an EV company (and rocket company)

andy.connor.e | 26 September 2019

Amazon is just as capable of building an EV as they are building rockets as Blue Origin. They start from zero, hire people that know what they are doing, and then do a better job than Ford, GM, Nissan. They have all the money in the world and are waiting for small startup companies who have nothing to do the work for them.

blue adept | 26 September 2019


That's actually kinda the way it's always been done. Perhaps you should try to focus on the fact that Amazon is even considering using their funds to dive into the EV world as opposed to some other venture? Afterall, the more EV's the better.

It is interesting to note the little trifecta created by the combination of Rivian, Ford and Amazon...Who knows, perhaps they'll even manage to become an actual competitor in the market space.

andy.connor.e | 26 September 2019

I hope it turns out to be something good. More on the hoping that Rivian actually builds something.

blue adept | 26 September 2019

Ditto, but I prefer to be an optimist as opposed to the alternative.

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 September 2019

yup Blue Origin is way out there launching spacecraft regularly. A true powerhouse in the space launch industry. \sarcasm
Seriously though: they may eventually get somewhere but their progress seems to be following Branson's space dreams more than Musk's.
Unlike @blue adept, I prefer to try to be a realist, rather than an optimist. This often leans more toward pessimism.
I do think it is good that Amazon promises a market for Rivian rather than trying to do it themselves. The guy at the top really needs to have the vision and knowledge in order to get something challenging like space travel or cars done successfully.

blue adept | 27 September 2019

@Hal Fisher

Possibly, but I think their tie-up with Ford might work in their favor should the need arise to keep them afloat and that wouldn't stop Ford from pursuing the truck and SUV platforms Rivian conceptualizes themselves.

They both look good, the pickup and SUV platforms, and they boast impressive performance numbers, but I've learned long ago to never judge a book by it's cover because it's what's inside that counts and no one has seen what's actually what in that department (the only one that really matters in an automobile platform) which, I think, even @Earl would find a fairly 'realistic' perspective.

Uncle Paul | 30 September 2019

This is just a publicity stunt to pump up Rivian stock after Amazon made a major investment.

There was no contract signed, just an unenforcable one sided committment from Amazon. Nothing signed, no deposits made, no specifications included, no prices stipulated...just a "commitment"

Rivian has not sold/delivered a single vehicle yet.

andy.connor.e | 30 September 2019

Sounds like the Nikola One semi truck when it got more reservations than the Tesla Semi, but didnt require any money down to make a reservation. That was years ago. I dont think Nikola has delivered a single Semi yet. Its all smoke & mirrors until they hit the streets. Also +1 @Uncle, i didnt realize there were no contracts, this is definitely just a publicity stunt.

Techy James | 1 October 2019

While I hope Rivian does well. I wouldn't by a 79K+ truck any more than I would have bought the Model S/X. Tesla truck at 49K base price might be option, but even that would be too expensive for a large part of the truck buyers. With the Ford F150 you have a base price of 28K. That makes the base Tesla Truck 170% the cost of the number 1 selling truck out there. Rivian base cost at 275% of F150 will cater to those with plenty of extra cash laying around, but don't expect it to put a dent in the current truck sales.

Earl and Nagin ... | 1 October 2019

@Techy James,
It is unreasonable to hope to start a company with commodity pricing such as the base price for an F150. If you truly are 'techy', you'll know that PCs started at over $5,000 (my apple II+). Cellphones started at $5,000 each, then dropped to where they are today over about 20 years as volumes and investment increased. Flat Panel TVs did the same, starting at over $10K each, then dropping with volume and investment.
Tesla started with the $108K base Roadster. It wasn't the car for very many people but it was a car for some. That is how an industry gets started.
The important thing for Rivian and Tesla is that there is a market (albeit not too large) for a $79K+ truck if it meets some performance requirements. Fortunately, this works out for them since they initially can't manufacture very many vehicles anyway and the performance of the electric drivetrain enables them to compete nicely with incumbent $79K+ trucks on performance.
As they increase their production capacity, the manufacturing costs decrease. They just need work to get their costs down to where they can sell trucks for cheaper before they saturate the high $ truck market.
They've done this with cars. The S and X have wreaked havoc on brands that count on the high-end market (MBZ, BMW, Porsche, Lexus, etc) and they're now encroaching on the mainstream auto business with the Model 3.
The same will happen with trucks if they execute properly. Tesla has already executed well and by winning investment and promises from big potential customers such as Amazon, Rivian seems to be doing the right things as well.

Ross1 | 1 October 2019

Is there any truth in the rumour that the cost of a pickup is directly proportional to ego?

andy.connor.e | 2 October 2019

I think the cost of someones pickup and the extent of the frame being jacked up is inversely proportional to the size of something else.

TabascoGuy | 2 October 2019

I've owned a number of pickups for the most part of the last 45 years. Sorry but I, or any of the people I've worked with who drive pickups, don't fit either of those stereotypes.

andy.connor.e | 2 October 2019

probably bike curious.

blue adept | 2 October 2019


All good, well rationalized points regarding the emergence and integration of new technologies.


blue adept | 2 October 2019

@Uncle Paul

Thanks for the insight.