Rear Window Tint question (I know)

Rear Window Tint question (I know)

I am looking to get my windows tinted. All of them (except the sun roof). I have been warned by 1 tint company they were not comfortable doing any tint on the rear on an M3 and by another they highly recommend only tinting the lower half (and will charge an extra $200 to tint the entire back window). However, I'm sure there are a lot of people who have tinted the whole back window and have not had issues as they have no reason to go online and comment on it.

So is this back window cracking that happened in the early delivery Model 3's or is it still happening. Is it even due to the tint? I'm struggling to figure out dates on when these cracks are happening by reading random posts online. Thanks!

Stealth_TM3 | 21 September 2019

I had my back window fully tinted with xpel ceramic and have had no issues (2 months, 3,000 miles) Be sure to go to a reputable shop that will do it in 1 piece. I went to Midwest Clear Bra - they do a crapload of Teslas, and while I was in there, i saw multiple quarter million+ dollar cars getting worked on too.

jd4714 | 21 September 2019

I had my back window tinted 11 months ago, am in S FL and haven’t had any issues.

gorillasooner | 21 September 2019

Thank you! That’s all I wanted to hear. Someone did it and had no issues. I’m just going to spend the extra and tint the whole thing. I’m assuming it was a flaw early and they fixed it. Mine was built last month so hopefully it’s fixed by now. I’m too OCD to see that line.

howard | 21 September 2019

Back hatch and roof. Perfect a year later.

Daryl | 21 September 2019

I just did the lower half. This was over a year ago when companies didn't have as much experience with Teslas, and I might opt for a full window if I was doing it now.

I never notice the edge of the tint unless I specifically look for it. YMMV, especially if you are at all anal about this kind of thing.

SteveWin1 | 21 September 2019

I did the whole back a year ago. No problems. Auto garage door controls even shut the garage door on my rear glass. Scratched it very slightly but no cracks even with a garage door hitting it.

RayNLA | 22 September 2019

Just had mine done in one piece. Spend the money and get it done with one piece of film. My car is an early April build.