V10 Rollout for FSD owners (Model 3 Standard +)

V10 Rollout for FSD owners (Model 3 Standard +)

As many of us are looking forward to an official V10 rollout, it's still hard to find solid information about when it's rolling out for all users vs FSD purchasers (regardless of when).

Does anyone have a strong insight of how soon an official release normally rolls out after a beta release to EAP owners? Are we looking at sometime this week or early October? Also, does anyone happen to know if it's true that there are two tiers of rollout after rollout to EAP users? ex) second rollout to FSD users (regardless of trims) and wide release to all users..

P.S: Is premium connectivity for standard plus users anticipated as a post-delivery option along with V10 rollout? Is this still up in the air?

Just having many questions and thoughts in long awaits..

Appreciate your input in advance..

Safe drive, everyone!

EVRider | 23 September 2019

No one here knows the V10 release schedule, and it’s not even clear that Tesla knows. Every update is different, and there’s no timetable for how long it takes an EAP build to roll out to everyone — it depends on how long it takes Tesla to fix issues found in the EAP build. It’s likely that Smart Summon is what’s holding up V10.

Tesla hasn’t said anything to suggest that the ability to purchase Premium Connectivity will be linked to V10. | 24 September 2019

Well, I don't know when summon is coming out, but what I can tell you is that I was over at SpaceX/Tesla the other day and saw a developer working on it in the parking lot of their supercharger. So it's clear to me it's being worked on actively.. which means, release is a long ways away.

EVRider | 24 September 2019

If Smart Summon isn’t ready soon, I’m guessing Tesla will release V10 without it and add it later. I think I recall reading that the majority of owners don’t have EAP or FSD, so they can’t use Smart Summon anyway.

Techy James | 25 September 2019

As for rollout here is what Elon has said for the plan in his Twitter feed for V10 release.
1) Closed Beta Testers (Already been testing but likely have non disclosure preventing them from sharing experience)
2) Early Access Program members (I think this is where we are seeing the videos for Advanced Summon on uTube)
3) FSD Early Access Program Members. (Where I fall and have not seen the push.)
4) everyone else.
Remember features like Advanced Summon and City AP would only be available to FSD members, so EAP users wouldn't be seeing these features.

EVRider | 26 September 2019

@Techy James: Tesla said that Enhanced Autopilot will get Smart Summon.

chris2topher | 27 September 2019

I just recently added FSD to my M3 with EAP. Should I get any software updates or is it just accepted that I just gave Tesla 3k because I hope to get something in the future?

EVRider | 27 September 2019

@chris2topher: There’s no software update. The vehicle details on your My Tesla page should show FSD, but the web site hasn’t been too reliable lately.

SCCRENDO | 27 September 2019

V10 is out. I just downloaded an update prior to installing. First time I have ever done it. I tried to install it but my 12V battery needs replacement. I’m getting it replaced tomorrow. But the software wouldn’t install because of the “weak” 12V battery.
I have a Model S 85 classic 164000 miles. But this on my Model 3 LR 42000 miles.

msalyer48 | 27 September 2019

I have a model 3 SR+ no FSD and the update is installing now as I type this

prusso85 | 27 September 2019

I've installed it on my model 3 SR+ with FSD and now have access to the web browser, which i think is a premium only feature.