Would Autopilot help avoid this accident?

Would Autopilot help avoid this accident?

A few days ago, a drunk Tesla M3 driver ran a red light at high speed, T-boned an SUV, killing a passenger in the SUV.
Obviously, not all Tesla drivers drive sober.
Major intersection on a major thorofare in Las Vegas.
I am suspecting that Autopilot was not engaged.
If Autopilot was engaged, would it have seen the speed limit sign, seen the red light, and done something about it?

jrweiss98020 | 26 September 2019

From what I've read, Red Light awareness depends on the level of autopilot and updates.

Unless he had it disabled (or was going over 90), the Automatic Emergency Braking should have at least slowed the car.

EVRider | 27 September 2019

Autopilot doesn’t stop for red lights as of yet, and it will let you go much faster than the speed limit, depending on the type of road, so it wouldn’t have made a difference here.