Not so enhanced summon

Not so enhanced summon

Is there a point at which those that test out features in advance are allowed to share there experiences and are no longer bound by confidentiality?

I just tried to use Enhanced summon to pull the car out of the garage. It got very close to my mailbox, I was not willing to see if it would hit.

At what point should I feel safe to do this again?
I did not see how to post a photo here

SO | 1 October 2019

Enhanced summon has already been released to the public. Lots of videos on YouTube.

As far as when to try again, perhaps next software update if you feel this one didn’t work.

amit.k.sri | 2 October 2019

Also I don't think that garages will work until they shift to "visual" decisioning. Right now it is GPS and sensor driven, which gets messed up in garages (bad GPS signal + lack of sensors on the doors)