Halloween Car

Halloween Car

My daughters want to put a plastic skeleton on the driver's seat, strobe lights in the garage, and want to use summon to pull the car out of the garage on Halloween.

It sounds nice, but too risky with the kids because of the way we are set up..

I hope to see someone implement this idea

vmulla | 2 October 2019

You've made my day :)
I can't wait for the kids to come back from school and see this

kevin_rf | 2 October 2019

Just wait, someone will pull it through a drive through....

jamilworm | 6 October 2019

Completely different, but since I have an orange Model 3 I decided to buy some black vinyl and add some Halloween decoration.

kevin_rf | 6 October 2019


vmulla | 6 October 2019

Beautifully done.

JAD | 6 October 2019


Magic 8 Ball | 6 October 2019

Pumpkin car, very nice!

krystalhosmer.1 | 6 October 2019

Love the pumpkin car! I am working n turning my frunk into a pirate grotto for Frunk-or-Treat events

spuzzz123 | 6 October 2019

Cool jamil. So I’m assuming that orange is a wrap. So you’re putting black vinyl wrap on top of orange Wingler wrap right? Any concern that taking off the black vinyl might pull off and/or damage the orange vinyl underneath?

jamilworm | 6 October 2019

@spuzzz, yes the orange is a vinyl wrap. I had considered that pulling the black off might pull the orange off as well, and I hope it's not an issue! I'll just be super careful pulling the black off. Also, the orange was professionally done so its also likely that my application of the black vinyl was more crappily done, and so hopefully that means the bond is weaker than the bond of the orange wrap.

MadOverlord | 7 October 2019

As long as you're doing a regular summon, just going forward and back, and you closely supervise it, it should be fine. I'm planning on doing this and did a few tests to see how it would react even if the trick-or-treaters did something silly, and at the regular summon speed, you can stop the car in a few inches.