sleep, standby, sleep, standby... since V10

sleep, standby, sleep, standby... since V10

I'm not sure if this is a problem with TeslaFi or with my car since V10. Since the latest update, when I'm at work, my car will sleep for 0-7 minutes and wake right back up for a few minutes and then go back to sleep for a few minutes and so on and so on. So far today, its had "23 sleeps" and "23 idles" according to TeslaFi. I tried changing my password to boot all the apps out of the system, waited a few minutes and then re-added TeslaFi. Its still doing the same thing. Anyone else having this issue? It does not do this at my house. It charges and then sleeps all night long. it only does it at work. I have Sentry turned off at work and at home.

hokiegir1 | 2 October 2019

Mine started this recently as well, though I think it was just before I installed V10.

SteveWin1 | 2 October 2019

@hokiegir1, yep, you're exactly right! I just checked and it started the week that I got V10, but a few days before. Hmm...

rrisdal | 2 October 2019

Check your Summon settings, the new smart summon in in "standby mode" by default: "Summon Standby will keep the sensors, cameras, and computers powered to reduce the amount of time required to begin Summon.” You can turn this off in the settings.

jvcesare | 2 October 2019

Cabin overheat protection?

syriani | 5 October 2019

I have the same issue since V10. I turned off everything I could turn off in the car and the it still does not want to go to sleep. Anyone with a solution?

EVRider | 5 October 2019

Check the TeslaFi sleep settings in case something changed for V10.

syriani | 6 October 2019

I don’t have TeslaFi.. It’s really annoying these kind of bugs.. Any similar issues and resolution?

DickB | 6 October 2019

I have the same problem that sleep does not stay. Also have teslaFi but it's been doing this for over a month or more. Version 10 did not change the sleep mode. I'm on 2019.32.11.1 right now.

EVRider | 6 October 2019

@syriani: How do you know the car isn’t sleeping if you don’t monitor it using something like TeslaFi? You can’t tell by looking at the car.

syriani | 6 October 2019

From the Tesla Widget on my iPhone. I’m losing ~ 20+ overnight

syriani | 6 October 2019

@dickB Did you try to contact Tesla?

syriani | 7 October 2019

Problem solved. I had the Tesla app installed on my iPad as well. Since I removed it and kept it only on my iPhone, my car goes to sleep again. I hope that helps

David_L312 | 7 October 2019

Interesting, thanks. I also have the s/w installed on multiple devices (for solar monitoring -> stupid removal of the Solar City Monitoring app). Is there any way besides TeslaFI to know if the car is sleeping soundly ?

St☰v☰ | 7 October 2019

Mine was burning the midnight oil all weekend, like a mile loss every two hours while parked in my garage with sentry and everything else off. I finally rebooted the dang thing, seems ok today. See how it is tonight.

billroger | 7 October 2019

Just deleted the Tesla app from my IPad. Hope that helps my battery drain.