WV Superchargers ICEd

WV Superchargers ICEd

I took a trip to WV this past weekend. My Tesla was amazing and charging for the trip was never an issue, exept... for the ICEing situation I experineced at not one but two Tesla Supercharger stations in WV. The first one was in Mt Hope, WV at a Sheetz supercharging station. When I pulled in only 1 of 8 stalls was free and I was the only electric vehicle there. Sheetz is nice enough to put on the sign that the superharger spots are open for general parking for 15 minutes but people in the spots far longer than 15 minutes. I was there for a good 40 minutes and there were several vehicles that were there before I pulled in and were still there when I left. There were multiple parking spots way closer than the tesla spots. There were even three to four spots adjacent to the sidewalk and doors leading into the Sheetz that were open. There was an awesome pickup truck driver that was kind enough to park across two spots at once and several more who were happy to glare at me as I charged my car. I will say that it seemed like at least some of the looks were because they had probably never seen someone charging a tesla before but several showed clear animosity.
The second charging station was at at Sheetz in Morgantown WV. Again I was the only EV and other stalls were filled with ICE vehicles when there were plenty of regular spaces open even cloesr to the store. I will ashamedly admit that I ended up in a verbal altercation with one particularly rude patron who specifically parked next to me. He first looked at the spots closer than looked at me charging my car, gave me a dirty look and rolled his eyes and then parked in the tesla spot. I called him out on it and it was obvious he was goading me. I maybe cussed him out and ended up leaving without finishing charging because I needed to get out of there before I did something that I would regret. I finished charging once I reached Maryland where people IDK - actually LIKE the planet and are happy to have EV charging stations.
I've traveled up and down the east coast and over most of the mid atlantic and I've never experienced anything like the open hostility that I felt charging in WV. Has anyone else had this experience?

jimglas | 2 October 2019

cars in the ICE'd spots should be charged idle fees

rxlawdude | 2 October 2019

Sounds like WV is full of Sheetz.

TranzNDance | 2 October 2019

This kind of thing makes me appreciate living in the Bay Area. It's bad enough that OP saw ICED spots, but to be the target of outright hostility is pretty scary to me.

jimglas | 3 October 2019

WV is hoping for coal powered cars

TranzNDance | 3 October 2019

I find it amusing that people who are opposed to EVs likely wouldn’t give it a second thought that their home is powered by electricity.

andy.connor.e | 3 October 2019

I dont even understand how people can be opposed to EVs. Wouldnt you like to not have to get oil changes and go to gas stations?

RedShift | 3 October 2019

It’s likely based on what is fed to them by news outlets these people watch day and night.

For them, renewables and less dependence on fossil fuels means a threat to their livelihood from Coal.

reed_lewis | 3 October 2019

@RedShift - The funny thing is that with more EVs, in the short term we will more than likely use more coal to generate the power for the EVs. We will use less gasoline, but having more EVs can result in more coal needed.

But I concur... Long term the use of all fossil fuels will decline eventually.

tigerkc | 3 October 2019

While the rest of the world has moved to the metric system, US and a few other countries are still living in the past. Change takes time and a lot of efforts, and many may never change.

Earl and Nagin ... | 3 October 2019

I had a similar but different ICEing experience in Charleston, WV. I arrived at the Sheetz to find an ICE truck with a trailer blocking most of the Superchargers and another pickup truck in another Supercharger space with its door open. There was one Supercharge space that I could squeeze in to between the back of the trailer and the pickup -- so I threaded the needle backing in.
There was a young guy, you know the type, bushy beard, dirty flannel shirt, camo-shorts, . . . -- poster child for "Redneck GQ".
As I was backing in, he noticed, jumped out of the way and shut the door while exclaiming "Oh I'm really sorry!!"
Then I heard a soft female voice coo "Purrrrty" as I continued backing it.
I got out of the car and saw the attractive female teenager come from around the back of the pickup, staring at my car (I know some of you assumed she was talking about me - others actually know me :-). She said again:"that's really a purrrty car:
A couple of other clear redneck candidates also emerged from behind the pickup truck and the 4 of them gathered around me.
Someone apologized profusely for the trailer and pickup blocking and offered to move it. I declined since I had made it in.
Then, they all started asking me many questions and telling me everything (Good) they had heard about Tesla. It turns out the mini van on the other side of the pickup was broken down, NOT in a Supercharger space. They were getting it ready to load onto the trailer. They had parked their pickup truck in a Supercharger space to facilitate unloading everything from the broken mini-van.
It just goes to show that people are basically good and interested in Teslas everywhere.
Sorry to disrupt the geographically bigotted viewpoint of the coastal snobs in this forum who don't get around too much, yet try to seize every opportunity to dump on someone else.

jimglas | 4 October 2019

Nice uplifting story E&G

andy.connor.e | 4 October 2019

Thanks for that story. Its nice to hear about how people are not jerks. Even tho im no tesla driver yet, i try my best to not be a jerk on the road, because i myself do not like to deal with jerks. Best to not be what you despise.

skydivegirl | 4 October 2019

@Earl and Nagin - I too have found that to be the normal reaction. That was why I even posted this bad experience. I wanted to know if other peole have had similar experiences and also to know what recourse there is such as alerting Tesla/Sheetz to a potential situation if this is happening there regularly.

bruce.x | 6 October 2019

Once in Western PA last spring, I charged at a Sheetz that was undergoing extensive renovations. The construction workers made a point of parking in the Supercharger spots, but left one open. I've avoided going that way since, so as not to get stranded.

The supercharger in Port Huron, MI is in the far corner of a convention center parking lot. Big weddings can fill the parking lot, and revelers will overflow into the charging spots. The conference center staff is useless, so you have to go to the party DJ and ask him to interrupt the festivities so you can park and charge. Alternatively, barring snow (in Michigan?), you can attempt to hop a curb and back in from behind across the grass.