My Tesla solar/batteries install in CT went flawlessly

My Tesla solar/batteries install in CT went flawlessly

When I was a week away from install I found this forum and the reviews scared the hell out of me.I promised myself I would write a review when all was done and make sure I help set the record straight either pro or here it is. I am here to tell you that it was one of the smoothest projects I have ever done on my house. Everyone involved was super smart and helpful. I am not easy to please. Every time I changed something including moving a wire after they where 1/2 way complete or re-arranging the panels on day of install they always said "no problem we want you happy" I am writing this watching the super cool app that tracks my system and my system is over performing. Tesla Energy you are rock stars!

lilbean | 4 October 2019

Ditto! It was a pain waiting for the city permits but Tesla did a great job once the ball got rolling. Isn’t it so great to see it working on the app?

jeridoconnell | 4 October 2019

I am addicted to the app. I can watch it for hours ;)

gregbrew | 4 October 2019

As did mine, in So. CA.

It's nice to see a message about things going as expected. Unfortunately, people that have a bad experience are more likely to post and complain about it. It makes it appear that there are massive problems, when there really aren't.

lilbean | 4 October 2019

I love watching the app. I try to save as much electricity as I can now. I'm sitting in the dark and the only thing on is the refrigerator and the cordless phone.

shawncordell | 6 October 2019

I love reading this. It’s good to read positive feedback as opposed to whining and complaining.

I love watching the app, too. I love seeing that I pulled nothing from the grid days at a time.

lilbean | 6 October 2019

Yes! Isn't it so great to see your house off the grid? How about when you see your system feeding the grid?

gregbrew | 6 October 2019

Back in the day (1999) it was especially fun to see the little disk in the old-school mechanical meter spinning backwards at an alarming rate. I had non-SC/Tesla solar installed after I got my first EV-1 in 1997.

jeridoconnell | 7 October 2019

Ha! lilbean sitting in the dark watching the app is the best. It has replaced Pokemon Go as my screen of choice, And when the clothes dryer goes on you can hear me yelling "NO" it is a monster drain. I now where my clothes slightly moist!

lilbean | 7 October 2019

So funny! Same thing when the AC turns on. Funny how we are saving more money on power and we don't want to use it. It's because we can see the drainage on the app. We didn't track it before.