Sentry Mode Storage

Sentry Mode Storage

I curious which storage devices people are successfully using to record video events with Sentry on. I bought a thumb drive 128 gig Lexar with Usb 3.0 formatted to Fat32 and my model 3 said it was to slow. So what are you successfully using for video storage?

NKYTA | 4 October 2019

Check out He reviewed a bunch.

Basically don’t buy the cheap ones off Amazon et al.

cyberrider77 | 4 October 2019

Thanks I'll have a look.

EVRider | 5 October 2019 | 5 October 2019

@EVRider -thanks. Let me add that consumer flash drives are also intended for home/business use in climate-controlled environments (i.e. not cars). The car can easily get to 150F in the summer while parked. Keep in mind sentry mode is running too, so the drive needs to work at temperature extremes while parked. The only flash memory rated for wide temps is micro SC cards (not all, but many). I'm now recommending using Micro SD cards with an adapter (see my listing sited by EVRider above).

cyberrider77 | 5 October 2019

Thanks EVRider, I opted to purchase the Transcend TS128GUSDXC10V Information 128GB High Endurance MicroSD Memory Card with Adapter. Fairly pricey but in the long run I think it will be durable and it works well in a large temperature range. Also this MicroSD is more specific for video storage so the write times are very high.