Can an SD card have more than one partition? TeslaCam/Sentry and Music.

Can an SD card have more than one partition? TeslaCam/Sentry and Music.

Hi. I tried to partition a microSD card (128GB) with the first partition with about 90GB and the the second partition with the rest. The idea is to keep the teslacam and sentry mode in the first partition and music in the second one but I could not do it. I tried windows disk management utility, commend prompt windows 7 diskpart and seagate disk wizard and neither could make the extended (second) partition. I should have wrote down the error that I got but I didn't. I do remember saying there wasn't enough space and maybe there were more than 4 primary partition in the mbr or something. Am I doing something wrong or the card is too small ...maybe 256GB? Thanks

EVRider | 5 October 2019

I don’t know if you’re doing something wrong, but you’ll probably want more than 90GB for video so a larger drive would be better. | 5 October 2019

Here's the details about partitioning:

Size is not the issue, but I'm about 99% sure the utilities you are using can't do what you want.

I generally recommend using two drives for music and dashcam, but it can work with a single drive.

roger.klurfeld | 7 October 2019

I used to use one drive with two partitions. All of the built in windows utilities allow you to format a partition up to 32 gig. You need a third party utility to exceed 32 gig. Google it and there are plenty.

A couple of months ago i started to have problems with the two partitions on one drive. i would be driving listening to music and the music would stop for 2 to 10 seconds and then resume. I finally decided that it was likely happening when Tesla-cam was writing videos to the drive. I them put in another 128 gb drive to separate music from the Tesla-cam. Problem solved. As I said, this started to happen a couple of months ago after over a year of working fine with the two partitions.

jvcesare | 7 October 2019

I used the free AOMEI Partition Assistant to create two partitions on a 400 GB SSD. I housed the drive in a portable USB 3.0 case. This allows for fast transfer to/from my laptop. Video on first partition, music on the 2nd. USB case have an on/off switch which is real convenient.