Multiple Tesla's Family account

Multiple Tesla's Family account

I want to reserved a model Y for my wife should i create a new account or use existing is a little confusing because if i create a new account im going to have log out and log in to use the car.

How is supposed to be used when you own more than one tesla.

Davila1024 | 6 October 2019

When you have multiple vehicles under the same primary email owner you have access to all the vehicles on the account Your run your finger right to left and you get the next vehicle on the account page.

Mike83 | 6 October 2019

We have Teslas listing on one account page with links to other details for each car. You also have a history for supercharging, videos on using everything from autopilot to updates to any notifications. It is very comprehensive and super easy to use. You can also add alternative phone numbers and emails or shop. I give them an A+ for this ease of use.

EVRider | 6 October 2019

Definitely use the same account to purchase the Y. It makes things much easier. You can still set up an additional account for your wife, but use your account to purchase her car.

We have two Teslas, an S and a 3, both purchased using my account. Afterwards we set up a separate account for my wife that gives her access to the 3 (her car) but not the S (which she doesn’t drive).

jd4714 | 6 October 2019

We have two 3’s. My wife created her own account to purchase hers. I have access to both of them which I was able to do through Tesla. No logging in and out, both cars show up in my app. Takes about a week and a couple emails to set up. Pretty cool...

jjgunn | 6 October 2019

We have (2) Tesla's. MX & P3D. One account.

Wifey logs in Tesla app on her phone with my credentials.

Plus she can track me, make sure I'm not headed over to the Mistresses place >;-}

rxlawdude | 6 October 2019

@jj, same here. But since she's driving our other Tesla, I can track her, too. :-)

pieromontas | 6 October 2019

Awesome thanks all

JAD | 6 October 2019

The only downside is only the car chosen in the app works for walk up unlock. Not an issue if you usually drive just one of the cars, but if you constantly switch you do need to open the app to change cars. would be worse with two accounts.

Rutrow 3 | 6 October 2019

Get one of the new FOBs. It now will unlock your car passively* without having to pull it out of your pocket or poke on it in your pocket. I ordered on because of the hassle when my app is connected to my wife's car. It sounds bad when I say it, but I mostly use the app to keep track of my wife's location. I'm not spying on her, it's just helpful to know where she is without having to call and ask. But as a result, I spend a frustrating amount of time standing next to my car, pulling out my phone, swapping vehicles and waiting for the connection to unlock the doors. The FOB will in my pocket will be a nice back up if the wrong car is active in the app. Being able to poke my pocket to open the frunk or trunk will be nice too, so I'll probably get the more powerful lifting struts on the frunk so It'll open on its own when I unlock it with the FOB. Another bonus will be the ablity to loan a passive entry device to family or friends who borrow my car.

I wish that my phone would allow two versions of the app to run at the same time, so that my car would unlock even if I've just pinged my wife's location.

Rutrow 3 | 6 October 2019

Oops, forgot to explain my asterick.

*I haven't recieved it yet, so no promises about FOB functionality. The product description is somewhat contridictory. I hope it's just due to kludge updating, because it says it will lock/unlock passively in one section, then explicityl says it won't in another. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

EVRider | 7 October 2019

If you create a new account to purchase a second Tesla, note that you’ll need to use the referral code from the first account to get referral credit. If you use the same account. I believe that happens automatically.

Regarding the phone key, one of our two cars is a Model S, so I keep my phone app set to the Model 3 so I can use the phone key without switching cars. I also have the app on my iPad, and there the Model S is selected.