SR+ has streaming/web/Netflix access after V10?

SR+ has streaming/web/Netflix access after V10?

Over the last 5 days since I installed V10, I am able to access all the data features on the car when not connected to WiFi. I've even turned off my cellular data on my phone and still have access. Anyone else seeing this? Am I secretly getting charged for this? Will it be taken away soon? Enjoying it for the time being...

whazupman | 6 October 2019


Lonestar10_1999 | 6 October 2019


Smalm | 6 October 2019

Well the release notes do say it’s temporary.

adoh2010 | 6 October 2019

They're working on premium connectivity subscriptions that every tesla model 3 built after some date in 2018 will have to pay for. The premium connectivity was free for 1 year on the premium interiors. Streaming video will be only over WiFi for all Tesla. If we don't abuse the LTE streaming it will be pushed backwards on their priority list and we'll get to enjoy it for longer, if Elon gets a massive bill from AT&T this month it will be over pretty quick.

Tyerc | 6 October 2019

The release notes say it’s temporary.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 October 2019

Yes, it’s just a trial period to get you familiar with streaming. From a marketing perspective it makes perfect sense. Folks who know what they would be getting can sign up for premium streaming service when available without hesitation. Of course folks who don’t feel they need it can let the trial lapse without regret.

The streaming test drive is a big improvement compared to placing a $1k reservation on an M3 sight unseen.

TeslaDvr | 6 October 2019

LTE connectivity is temporary but "apps" will still be there. I can use your cell phone hotspot once LTE is no longer available.

wingsy | 6 October 2019

What about satellite view in maps? I seem to recall that by the end of the year I could have that for $100/year. Is that here yet? Did I miss it?

RayNLA | 6 October 2019

Satellite view maps were not enabled for non premium interior cars for V10.
The hope is that once the paid subscription plan is announced the maps will be included.
Meanwhile...enjoy Spotify!