Full-screen Web Pages Available in Park

Full-screen Web Pages Available in Park

You can access full-screen web pages by adding a google link to your YouTube profile in the "About" section.

Just go to your YouTube channel, Select "Customize Channel", Go to the "About" tab, Edit the "Links" section and add

Get in your Tesla and navigate to your Channel/About. Click the Google link and you now have a way to search and go to full-screen web pages. This can be used to go to any other streaming service instead of Tesla creating full-screen shortcuts (Apps) for us.


whazupman | 6 October 2019

I just added links to Pocket Casts and Google Music to my "About" channel links. They work great!

Magic 8 Ball | 6 October 2019

Great tip thanks

pjwheeler83 | 7 October 2019

Works great, thanks for the tip!