Model 3 "evaporating" Mercedes/Audi/BMW resale value

Model 3 "evaporating" Mercedes/Audi/BMW resale value

Not from typical EV site:

"Tesla’s sales successes are wreaking havoc on the pre-owned luxury car market"

Magic 8 Ball | 6 October 2019

It won't be long before owning an ICE will be a serious liability.

kevin_rf | 6 October 2019

Very easy to slip and hurt yourself with ICE

kevin_rf | 6 October 2019

Very easy to slip and hurt yourself with ICE

SamO | 6 October 2019

The ICE emperor has no clothes.

Mike83 | 6 October 2019

Tesla resale value is quite good. With ICE engines, fuel, gas lines, etc. there are expensive costs to maintain.
Already sold our cars when we got our 2nd Tesla, a M3 about 18 months ago. Won't need to buy another car for maybe a million miles.

gballant4570 | 6 October 2019

This was predicted. Most pronounced in Europe, and why the European car companies are busy making plans to try to catch up. Guess what happens once the Model Y b gets going, and the Tesla Pickup arrives....

RedShift | 6 October 2019

And you know this, because....?

FishEV, eh? Unfortunate choice of handle.

FISHEV | 7 October 2019

"And you know this, because....?"@Redshift

Because the decline in auto sales has been a big and constant headline for all of 2109. Keep up.

"Auto sales down for first half of 2019, with uncertain prospects for second half."

andy.connor.e | 7 October 2019

Gasoline powered machinery was the single greatest thing humans have ever created. Look at the society that has resulted from it. Good for us. When i am told that i can have effectively zero maintenance and fuel my vehicle at home, electricity is the next step. Our electrical infrastructure is just as great an accomplishment as the combustion engine.

Everything was created half a century ago really. In the 1930/40s we were not concerned with how far we are running utility poles to get power somewhere. Now that the infrastructure is in place, we can take a step back from what we have created and start analyzing the efficiency of it. We did a good job last century, its time to optimize it.

Passion2Fly | 7 October 2019

Aerial wires attached to wooden poles, you call this technologically advanced?? The US infrastructure is a joke...
Every time a hurricane or winter storm hits, millions are without power...
I remember hurricane Patricia hitting Mexico in 2015 as the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere... the power distribution was surprisingly robust with very few failures...

Keithdorschner | 7 October 2019

The energy stored in fossil fuels in no small part built our civilization, and for that I have gratitude. However, now is the time to move away from this system and on to renewables. Once again, human ingenuity is giving us solutions just in time. The earth is not filled with oil and our atmosphere should be not treated as if it were an open sewer, which until recently is pretty much how we’ve treated it.

dmastro | 7 October 2019

Good news, looks like there may be some deals to be had for people looking at a pre-owned luxury vehicle.

Mike83 | 7 October 2019

I would sell ICE vehicles as they will continue to lose value.

dmastro | 7 October 2019

Nearly all vehicles lose value. Except of course collectible exotics and Teslas which are appreciating robo-taxi assets.