Unable to supercharge

Unable to supercharge

I have a 2015 P85D. A Couple of weeks ago, car would not charge at a supercharger. Called tech-support and was told to bring it to the service center. It had a “contactor weld alert’ in the logs, they were able to clear that and said that it would not happen again. Anyone over anyone else have this problem?

EVRider | 8 October 2019

Are you sure the supercharger was operational?

Mozart | 8 October 2019

Yes, I tried 4 different ones that other cars were charging on successfully

NKYTA | 8 October 2019

Can you charge it via AC (at home)?

If so, could be charge port connection, High Voltage Junction box (I'm not sure at what time those were integrated). But a "contactor weld alert" sounds rather specific - so, an issue with the contactor to the traction batt.

Definitely one to take in to SvC.