Sentry System Error

Sentry System Error

I have a neutered sentry mode model S. I know it doesn’t record when in mode, but it does activate for violation text. Now I’m getting the message the Sentry mode has turned off due to a “Sentry System Error” Getting this text daily. Any thoughts? | 8 October 2019

Not sure what the issue is. I get the same notification every day, about 4-5 hours after parking at work. Fortunately I can turn it back on with the app. Means another update is coming.

Wonnie | 8 October 2019

I have exactly the same problem with Sentry mode and get the same message approx. 2 hours after parking the car.
Model S with all latest software updates.
Can activate sentry mode again via the app but it is a bit annoying to be honest....
Dash cam / USB is properly configured and records sentry events...

dougk71 | 9 October 2019

Sentry mode provides mostly false positives. My Tesla got Sentry mode as a free feature so it is hard not to consider it as worth what was paid for it. .
Sentry mode does and should record before and after an event. The issue is since most events are false positives they clutter the recordings
.Now if the recordings were filtered by a coincidental bumping of the car ( accelerometer event) only physical contact recordings would be kept.
Then there is the power consumption of sentry mode.
If you leave it in in an airport garage and go on an extended trip sentry chews down the battery until the 20% fail safe ( shut down) happens. Now if 20% can't get you to a charger ( airport is far from a charger) you'll need a tow truck.
Like many features Sentry mode is in its early development stage with power consumption and false positives yet to be addressed.

Ohmster | 9 October 2019

We were getting that error on the X daily. Gone for us with 32.11.1

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP MCU1 FSD AP2.5 Intrusion Grin on!

Ohmster | 9 October 2019

We were getting that error on the X daily. Gone for us with 32.11.1

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP MCU1 FSD AP2.5 Intrusion Grin on! | 10 October 2019

Still getting the error message, now on 2019.32.12.1 | 10 October 2019

After reboot, no error message (thus far)!

larry | 10 October 2019

Still getting error with 2019.32.12.1....along with "Autopilot Not Available - Take Control Immediately" warnings when AP randomly disconnects while driving, and "Lane Departure Warning Reduced" messages which eliminates AP and lane renderings on the this didn't fix any obvious bugs that I got with th e V10 upgrade... | 13 October 2019

Also still getting sentry error on 2019.32.12.2.

NCnergy | 18 October 2019

Yeah . . . I just got 32.12.2 and still getting sentry error. Hopefully the next update

reed_lewis | 18 October 2019

I get the error message pretty much every day around the same time. I wonder if it has something to do when the CPU goes to sleep or rests or the like.

ggendel | 18 October 2019

Was told by Tesla service that it was a memory issue (among all of the other issues that caused me to reboot every few days. They cleared memory and forced a re-install of 2019.32.12.2. If this fixes it it means that:

*) There isn't enough memory in the MCUv1 for the tasks it is given.
*) There may be a memory hog or leak.
*) The software is buggy.

Since this is really an embedded system, I'd be interested if they validate their software against Misra or AutoSar standards. I asked but got a "we don't release that information" response.

alrosen2 | 28 October 2019

Are you using USB 3. I started having problems with USB2 after software upgrade to 10. Works fine now with USB3. | 28 October 2019

USB2 vs USB3 shouldn't matter by itself, as the car is only using USB2 (which can use UBS3 running as USB2). I expect your newer USB3 drive also has the faster writes needed, especially now that 4 video feeds are being written to the drive. Write speed is the key, and if you use a slow/crummy drive it will cause problems, but not sure if it causes all the problems others described in this thread.

For those with issues, have you tried removing the flash drive as a test for a day or two? Do the problems disappear? If so, the drive may be the source of the problems. Sentry mode can continue to work without the flash drive, but of course, there will be no recording.

markbraukman | 1 November 2019

Also getting Sentry Error on MS Raven. Using Lexar 128GB USB3 with 6.88 GB used, 109 GB free. Software version 2019.32.12.1.

Is there a good source of information about the dashcam/sentry mode recordings. The owner's manual isn't that informative about how it all works. I see for every minute of an "event", 4 mp4 files are stored in the "SentryClips" folder. But for the "RecentClips", which I assume is from the "dashcam", only 2 sets of the 4 mp4 files are there. I would have expected to see a lot more of my 20 minute commute stored there. I did not pause the dashcam icon before removing the thumb drive, so maybe this is my error. But the car had been parked in my garage for about an hour before I removed the thumb drive. So, somewhat confused as to how this thing works.

EVRider | 2 November 2019

TeslaTap created a new site for the dashcam info, here:

NKYTA | 2 November 2019

Right, thanks EVRider!

SAMZ75 | 9 November 2019

Started getting this too - only I first saw an error that stated 'usb drive is not formatted to correct type' kind-of error. Strange, same drive worked fine on v9, then v10 (initial version) just not 2019.32.12.x. It originally got to about 128 GB of teslacam recordings on it successfully to that point. (It's a 1TB WD HDD formatted on a MAC to FAT32). Temporarily replaced with a 16GB USB stick to see if it recurs. MS HW2.5