PG&E published power shutdown list

PG&E published power shutdown list

Power to be shut off around midnight tonight it says.

Charge your Model 3 and have a big dinner! Good luck everyone, I am keeping an eye on SCE for SoCal. So far no planned shutdown just a warning.

apodbdrs | 8 October 2019

I driving up to Sonoma next week, hope all the chargers are working? Hear that cell towers will be affected, so no cell coverage. May have to really plan my trip from OC up north and keep informed.

apodbdrs | 8 October 2019

People need to start considering power wall installation.

beaver | 8 October 2019

I have it from a good friend that Tesla is sending warnings to vehicles in the impacted areas. Charge to 100% it says

Chutieu | 8 October 2019
lilbean | 8 October 2019

Got our powerwalls last week.

Teslanene | 8 October 2019

I got the message about 1hr ago. Too bad they are not activating free super charging for affected areas.

CST | 8 October 2019

Why would they do that?

Xerogas | 8 October 2019

@CST: "Why would they do that?"
Agreed. The only thing that makes sense would be unlocking extra battery range for software-limited owners.

SamO | 9 October 2019

Another reason Tesla needs solar and batteries at every Supercharger. This was announced long ago, but this is proof positive that it is badly needed.

derotam | 9 October 2019

I like the use of the word "statuses". haha.

hokiegir1 | 9 October 2019

Being an east coaster, I'm not really familiar with this practice, and I read the info on the SCE site linked above, but since I'll be in San Francisco in a couple weeks, I have questions that you all may be able to answer (not really Tesla related, since we aren't renting a car at all, much less a Tesla, this trip).

So, how does this work with hotels? I'm there for a conference, so I'd assume the host hotel is keeping an eye on things and/or has backup generators? Same with the airport? Is this a regular enough occurrence that places like that have plans in place? Or should I expect an email from my hotel telling me to be prepared for outages? Anything special we should pack just in case, or is there enough rain expected in the next 10 days or so that the risk will be minimal by the time we are travelling?

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

Nothing more than a shakedown. If PG&E would just maintain the grid they would not have to do this.

Most places where power is critical (Hospitals, airports, etc.) have backup of their own. Private institutions like hotels may have some backup power for elevators and such but no guarantees.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

Oh, rain is not the issue, it is wind. Keep an eye on wind forecasts if you want to try and predict.

lilbean | 9 October 2019

I think she’s referring to rain minimizing the risk of fires.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

Ah, hah. No real rain this time of year. For those interested in visiting the SF bay area late september through early Nov is best for weather. The high winds are localized. I remember watching the Oakland Hills fire from our house across the bay from Oakland (they had high winds there) and it was calm here.

Extended forecast shows slight chance of showers on 10/17 but that is it.

beaver | 9 October 2019

How are the superchargers doing? I will see if I can view their status on the NAV, but I am down south.

Solar is a nice add for the chargers but cannot provide full power. Your average house can only price 5-10 kW peak. So a supercharger like Kettleman City can probably provide 100 kW at most, enough for one supercharger. KC has 40 pedestals! So around 1/40th of power from the sun on a clear summer day at noon.

Atom12 | 9 October 2019

"rain is not the issue, it is wind"

And humidity.

hokiegir1 | 9 October 2019

@lilbean was correct -- I was thinking the rain would minimize fire risk, since the brush wouldn't be as dry. Good to know many places have backups. I figured that was the case, but wasn't sure, since I'd never heard of this being a thing before. Oddly enough, after a poorly timed trip to England where we had no power for the better part of our week-long stay after a substation flooded, we always travel with a small flashlight -- so I'll just make sure to pack a 2nd one, just in case.

And @M8B - I saw the 17th, but that's still a few days before our trip. I wasn't sure if this was generally a "wet" time of year, knowing SF is prone to fog. As many times as I've been to Oakland for work, I've never made it the short way to SF -- and my Oakland trips are normally in March or April.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

@hokie It is hard to predict, especially last few years, but I cannot remember when when we had any long periods of rain before Halloween. We often are in T-shirts well into December. I hope you get to experience what many of us call "Indian Summer". The sun is lower on the horizon giving that golden hour lighting effect (very nice seeing the cityscape in that type of light), the fog usually burns off during the day if any fog at all, and it is my favorite time of year here except for the shorter daylight. It can be dead calm at my house, near Tesla headquarters, and gusting 40 to 50 in the Oakland hills, about 45 minutes away.

Bummer you are not out here this week, with fleet week, and the Blue Angels carving up the sky over San Francisco Bay, just spectacular.

I don't know if you have time but a trip over to the coast is well worth it, so much to do, so little time.

hokiegir1 | 9 October 2019

@M8B - I've got 2.5 days of sessions, but my boss is coordinating skipping early one day for the Alcatraz tour. I should have one other evening and 2 half days (day I fly in and the last day of the conference). Hubby is coming with, as are a few coworkers and there will be some former coworkers there as well, so we typically do dinner together and sometimes sightseeing. Usually, hubby will go exploring while I'm in sessions, then take me/us back for the highlights when I'm done. I know he's going to try to get to Pleasanton to go to the HQ for the company he distributes for one day as well, since he'd be so close.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

@hokie Sounds jam packed. Hopefully you will get a taste of what I am talking about. I look forward to hearing about your impressions concerning density of Tesla's you see here vs at home.

jjgunn | 9 October 2019


SF is not affected from the power outage.

You'll be fine. With the exception that everybody and their dog might be in SF

tigerkc | 9 October 2019

The plan power shut down due to "severe wind event" condition is puzzling to me. The weather forecast for my city is 3 mph wind today.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

The winds are in the surrounding hills and canyons where, naturally, the power lines are all overgrown with trees.

majassow | 9 October 2019

hokiegir1: "eing an east coaster, I'm not really familiar with this practice"

Living in Northern California, neither are we. It's something new due to PG&E burning down several towns over the past years due to poor power line maintenance.

Of course, with 800,000 people trying to keep their refrigerators running with gas generators and extension cords running all over the place, I'm sure the fire danger is now MUCH lower...

rxlawdude | 9 October 2019

" It's something new due to PG&E burning down several towns over the past years due to poor power line maintenance."

So, the pre-emptive shutdowns allow PG&E to continue with poor power line maintenance, and instead inconvenience hundreds of thousands of customers.

CharleyBC | 9 October 2019

"So, the pre-emptive shutdowns allow PG&E to continue with poor power line maintenance, and instead inconvenience hundreds of thousands of customers."

That pretty much sums it up in one sentence. It's cheaper to piss off customers than maintain infrastructure.

CharleyBC | 9 October 2019

Is anyone aware of specific Superchargers that are down as a result of this? I looked a little while ago, and Napa showed its stall count, but without the usual indication of availability.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

Well if you don't like it just sign up with a different utility, oh wait.................

jjgunn | 9 October 2019

rxlawdude | October 9, 2019
" It's something new due to PG&E burning down several towns over the past years due to poor power line maintenance."

So, the pre-emptive shutdowns allow PG&E to continue with poor power line maintenance, and instead inconvenience hundreds of thousands of customers.
Not only that, I'm sure we'll hear the excuse.....

"Well since we had to shut the power down, now we have to raise rates due to lost revenue."

lilbean | 9 October 2019

+1 @lawdude

Bighorn | 9 October 2019

I’m making my way down I-5 today, so will get a first hand look at several SCs in the affected area.

radean84 | 9 October 2019

Put yourselves in PGE's shoes for a second though, guys. If you don't shut off power during wind and a fire starts, you're to blame. If you do shut off power during wind and inconvenience people, you're to blame. If you increase rates to hire enough resources to maintain the massive grid, you're to blame. Even if you have the resources but environmentalists keep you from maintaining certain areas, you're to blame. PGE can't win no matter what they do. So far my power hasn't been shutoff but I'm ready for it if it does. Hang in there guys.

jimglas | 9 October 2019

perhaps PG&E should consider cutting back the trees away from power lines?
Seems like the obvious solution to me.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

So, a few weeks back, someone was flying a bell ranger in and around the canyons I live in. I thought I was witnessing a drunk pilot. The tail boom was wagging like crazy and the erratic elevation changes were insane. The same chopper came back everyday for about a week. Turns out it was PG&E using a Lidar fitted chopper to see the power lines under the trees and map out problem areas. Although power is scheduled to be out all around us we are in one of the first slivers to have been mapped out like that thus we get to avoid the outage, in theory.

PG&E has been mismanaged and is screwing everyone. The San Bruno fire was preventable as are many of the downed line fires if they were more proactive. The reactive responses are costing more than if they managed correctly to begin with. More penny wise and pound foolish business and they have everyone over a barrel.

apodbdrs | 9 October 2019

What a ICE people going to do, gas pumps work off electricity as wells as credit cars.

Link below on notice from Tesla

Bighorn | 9 October 2019

Some states mandate that gas stations have back up generators.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

The deal around here with stations, and some stores, that do have generators (only a few do) is all transactions are cash only and ATM's are also down. Part of the survival kit is cash, and plenty of it.

jimglas | 9 October 2019

@M8B: I keep a stash of cash in my home safe for such times

rxlawdude | 9 October 2019

" If you increase rates to hire enough resources to maintain the massive grid, you're to blame."

Um, if the corporation properly had allocated maintenance resources to trim back trees or even invest in burying the lines in high-risk areas, they would have built in those costs to their rate structure in the first place.

Investor owned utilities suck.

dntong | 9 October 2019

on the bright side, if my house gets affected by the power outage, I can install my 14-50 plug that I've been meaning to do. haha

kevin_rf | 9 October 2019

They need one of these bad boys...

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

Holy crap, that thing is insane!

kevin_rf | 9 October 2019

Magic, you bought the wrong toy. Start saving up...

jimglas | 9 October 2019

wonder what happens if it gets blown into the power line?

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 October 2019

That would be a great tool for settling a divorce when both parties want to keep the house.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 October 2019

Lucy just used tape to tape her half of the house apart from Ricky's part.

rxlawdude | 9 October 2019

@kevin_rf, I saw that!

Shesmyne2 | 9 October 2019

PGE sucks.
The NorCal fires were in large part their fault.
They are in bankruptcy.
And now all they are doing is covering their asses with this blackout plan and ALL customers are inconvenienced in one way or another.
Shoulda started to put the lines underground after they blew up part of San Bruno.
Certainly before the entire town of Paradise was decimated.

Still Grinning. ;-)

CharleyBC | 9 October 2019

Wait wait wait! Is there a PERSON in the compartment at the top of @kevin_rf's helicopter saw thingy? How's that for a workplace?