Autopilot slowing sharply on curves

Autopilot slowing sharply on curves

After getting the 2019.32.11.1 update, my experience on autopilot matches all the good things that others have said -- it does a much better job both at stop lights and in stop-and-go traffic of maintaining a proper distance to the car ahead without sitting motionless for seconds after everyone else has moved. I've also seen improvements in the tendency to dart to the right at lengthy on-ramps. Where previous versions seemed to think "oh, this lane is now 20's wide, let me just swing 4 feet to the right so I'm centered" the 32.11.1 AP seems to get past these areas with barely a wobble.

But one big thing I've noticed that that the 32.11.1 AP reacts MUCH more strongly to curves than previous versions. So strongly in fact, that it often slows well below the speed necessary when navigating a moderate to sharp curve. As am example, one divided 65 mph highway near me has a curve that moves steeply left just as the road tops a hill. Under previous versions of AP, the car wouldn't slow for this curve at all, even if I had the speed thumbed up to 70. But on 32.11.1, the car reacts very strongly at this point, slowing to around 57 mph.

The previous nonchalant handling of the curve was a bit of a gut-clencher, as the angle and the hill made it seem ... well, scary. But the new version is so cautious around this curve that it genuinely surprises the cars behind me and ends up with vehicles flying at my tail.

I can see the same effect even when engaging AP on a curvy side street. On sharp turns that were smoothly navigated at 45mph before, AP is now slowing into the 30s. And, oddly enough, it sometimes seems to slow AFTER it's finished making its way around the turn.

Devilstower | 12 October 2019

For those who have received a later version (which at this point seems to be almost everyone), have you noticed any improvement in curve handling? Thanks.

wayne | 12 October 2019

I have 32.12.2 and I think NOA slows excessively and unevenly on curves. But at least it slows. :-)

FISHEV | 14 October 2019

A lot of times on curves, Tesla sees either the Jersey barrier or the car well its lane as IN FRONT OF THE CAR and brakes hard. That's probably what you're seeing vs. the speed reduction for curves.

Has it ever slowed a lot when there is no other traffic? Are you in left lane next to Jersey barrier?

Joshan | 14 October 2019

it is new functionality, it slows down for curves. This is intended behavior and is a very welcome change for those of us who us AP on city streets. This is a new update and will be tweaked and adjusted just like all other updates and get better with time and data.

FISHEV | 14 October 2019

"it is new functionality, it slows down for curves.@Joshan

Not new. it always slowed a bit on curves or saw cars or barrier and braked hard as described by OP above and really should not do it. Leave it up to the driver in AP. May be another case of FSD hurting the base AP functionality.

"This is intended behavior and is a very welcome change for those of us who us AP on city streets."@Joshan

It should be speed dependent if anything but completely pointless function on city streets under 50 mph.

Joshan | 14 October 2019

That is completely incorrect... Leave it to people who actually use it to discuss.

On a 55mph road going around a corber rated at 40, the car would previously still do 55mph and only slow down if it got really nuts and you felt like you may need to take control.

Now it drives like a person and slows down for corners. It is too sensitive right now, but this is how Tesla always starts. Think how slow the car took off from red lights on V9, how about now in v10? Expect similar improvement. They have to start cautious while gathering data.

This is needed to support NoaP in cities and is a piece of that puzzle.

FISHEV | 14 October 2019

"Now it drives like a person and slows down for corners."@Joshan

Not many "corners" on interstates and highways. OP says AP but means FSD so it may be a bug in FSD also but on just AP, the Model 3 does mistake the Jersey barrier and other cars as in front of it will do a hard brake when it shouldn't, the problem the OP mentions.

Tronguy | 14 October 2019

FISHEV is here. Check stock price - yep, TSLA's up several bucks a share. Hey, FISH? How's the pay from the shorts doing?

djharrington | 14 October 2019

My S has slowed prior to and on most curves for the last 4 years, and my 3s for almost 20 months. The 3 slows down way more as of late, so the amplitude is new, but not the behavior. I rarely drive the S so I don’t know if it’s also increased the reduction of speed.

FISHEV | 14 October 2019

"My S has slowed prior to and on most curves for the last 4 years, and my 3s for almost 20 months."djharrington

Same for everybody on the Model 3.

Besides the slowing for the curve, it will often mistake the position of the median barrier and other cars and do a hard brake. A slightly different issue.

afetzer | 14 October 2019

Why do we put up with this continual sloppy un Predictable behavior from our cars?
This is insane, we spent a lot of money for cars that simply don’t work right.

lbowroom | 14 October 2019

I just have to laugh at all the “information and technical expertise” FISHEV is providing

lbowroom | 14 October 2019

What a world

Shopaholic | 14 October 2019

Ever since I got the 32.12 update on my 10 mile canyon run to the office, it is having problem making 2 sharp curves - going in at the speed limit and I need to take over as the car was going off into oncoming lane. In the past, it used to make those 2 curves by excessive slowing! I did not drive long distances on the freeway to see if it is holding the lines better than before.

Ikester | 14 October 2019

I really really wish there was an “old style just hold the speed” mode for the cruise control. Slows way too much on curves on mountain roads. Why should I put up with having to system test the code? Tesla could still gather data by comparing how fast I want to take a curve compared to what their algorithms would have done.