20" Turbine/Slipstream Wheel Options

20" Turbine/Slipstream Wheel Options


I ordered my pre-owned Tesla two Fridays ago and am waiting for it to arrive at the Eatonville SC so I can fly down and pick it up. It's a multi-coat Red with the 19" stock wheels, but I really want to upgrade to the Slipstream (aka Turbine) wheels in silver. I've read a LOT of information in this forum about 21" wheels not being the best due to possible damage, loss, of range, etc. So I'm considering the possibility of 20" wheels.

I see 20" Tesla Slipstream wheels from Model X's on eBay frequently. It looks like they have a 10" width and as such, I wondered if any of you have attempted to mount these 20's on your Model S and if so, were you successful and did the tires rub anywhere? I really don't want to go with an aftermarket wheel if it doesn't look like the turbine wheels - they're perfect for this car. If anyone knows of aftermarket turbines in this size, please let me know. I've found 19" on but would really like to go with 20's so I get the best of both worlds.

One last thing - is there ANY benefit to going with a staggered setup? I know a disadvantage is the inability to rotate the tires depending on roll direction, but...

rm760 | 17 October 2019

The loss of range is a double sided discussion. On one side, yes you can lose range with 21 inch tires if you drive short trips and a lot of stop and go traffic. On the other, side the 21 inch wheels are better for long trips. You can offset the weight of the larger wheel with Titanium lug nuts. The damage scale between 20 and 21 inch wheels is comparable. As you point out the 21 inch wheels are offset sizes front to back.

As to purchase check eBay, Craigslist, etc.. There are always sets available for sale.

GHammer | 17 October 2019

"is there ANY benefit to going with a staggered setup"

The initial rational for Tesla to go staggered was to increase lateral rear grip to reduce oversteer on the "P" models that were RWD or had more powerful rear motors on the AWD. So unless you have a P I see no reason to go staggered, even with a P I think the benefit is negligible for normal driving.

tsportline have tesla-like 20" turbines. I run these with Continental DWS06 in the winter, OEM staggered 21's in the summer. I haven't had any problems with my 21's in 4 years.

GHammer | 17 October 2019

Oh, the one time I ran the 20's in the summer they actually got worse efficiency than the 21's. More to do with the tire than the wheel size.

Silver2K | 17 October 2019


The slipstream rims are 19" base rims on the newer cars (2016 and up)

The 21s are turbine or arachnid

hiimphilll | 17 October 2019

Model X 20” slip streams do fit on model S without anymore rubbing than stock 19” and 21” wheels/tires.

MX 20” rears come in 9.5j wide rears as well . The 10.0j rears were more difficult to come by in my experience. The fronts are 9.0j wide.

They are a nice option to run on model S and you can do something like 245/40/20 and 285/35/20 for tire sizes. Only disclaimer, Tesla might not want to do any ride height calibrations (SAS) or alignments if you are not on oem S wheels, even if you are still under warranty. YMMV.

Silver2K | 18 October 2019

Be careful when using X wheels on a S. The stock offset for X is 35 mm and S is 40mm. You may need high quality spacers to keep the wheels from rubbing on the inside wheel well. I have aftermarket wheels on my S and had to use 10mm spacers to keep from rubbing.

If you don't use spacers tires will wear differently and handling may suffer also from how the car was intended to handle.

hiimphilll | 18 October 2019

you don’t need spacers for model X wheels on an S with properly chosen tire sizes. Speaking from experience. A lower offset gains you suspension clearance also btw.

Silver2K | 18 October 2019

My 19 inch wheels are 30mm offset that use stock size tires and rub.

Silver2K | 18 October 2019

This is what I ordered for my rims

Also when I turn hard I can hear the wet tire rub sound. My rims are 19x8.5 all around.

As I said, you "may" need spacers.

Silver2K | 18 October 2019
hiimphilll | 18 October 2019


“If you don't use spacers tires will wear differently and handling may suffer also from how the car was intended to handle.“

Think this is quite misleading statement ...

Adding spacers will actually deviate you even further from oem design intent.

How does adding spacers improve this application of using the model X slipstreams?

Silver2K | 18 October 2019

Read the link please