Another New EV - Drako

Another New EV - Drako

Drako is now shipping their new EV. It has some great specs - 1200 hp, quad motors, carbon fibre body, top speed 206 mph and seats 4 with luggage! I saw it yesterday, and it really looks nice, both inside and out. Lots of interesting technology too. They were not giving test rides though. Makes you wonder what Europe is doing - so far behind the USA.

Now the downside: the cost is $1.25 million, and only 25 are being made. Still fantastic to finally see a supercar going all EV. It's even built here in San Jose, maybe 20 miles from the Tesla Fremont factory!

For those with money to burn:

jordanrichard | 15 October 2019

While this is great, in that there is as you say, another new EV, 25 amounts to nothing. If it isn’t widely available, then it doesn’t get on anyone’s radar.

I remember seeing a video on You Tube where they showed a list of all of the EVs available and 3/4 of them were only available in CA. So for them to say that “these are the EVs available” is very close minded.

RedShift | 15 October 2019

Man, that looks very nice. Very muscular and beautiful.

NKYTA | 15 October 2019

Looks like a Roadster II.

Good choice on the copy! | 16 October 2019

Taycan killer? Couldn’t resist.

SamO | 16 October 2019

Lol | 16 October 2019

@jordanrichard - I don't see the Drako as a compliance car :) I'm sure they will sell one to you anywhere in the USA. Not sure about other countries.

While Drako hasn't stated what there long term plans are, I expect they are looking at the Tesla model in the extreme. Produce an expensive halo car first and then as you learn the tech, design cars for lower price points and higher volume. I think it's the only way to run a startup car company. I don't see Drako as a Tesla competitor, but they are competing with Mclaren, Ferrari, etc.

Those that try to produce a low-cost car to start seem doomed. The market is littered with EV startups that failed using this approach.

PrescottRichard | 16 October 2019

The interior looked, interesting. Those dials or switches on the console didn’t do it for me. If your car has auto wipers then why not auto rain mode?

Other than that it’s a sexy lump like all them cars.

Did I miss the 0-60 time? 1/4 mile? | 16 October 2019

@PrescottRichard - Far as I can tell, they have not released the 0-60, 1/4 mile info. Not sure why. I agree the switches look a bit odd, but the functionality is rather cool. You can adjust regen from o to 100%, and control how much the front motors are engaged. Sounds more cool than useful, but perhaps on the track, it may help.

rxlawdude | 16 October 2019

drako. What a drag on.

jordanrichard | 16 October 2019

TT, I didn't say it was a compliance car. The point I was trying to make is the EV community and the media like to talk about all the "EVs available" when in fact they are not available to all.

there was a time people in CA could run down to their local Toyota dealers and buy a RAV4 EV. When I first heard of that, here in CT, I was like, "what are you talking about, Toyota doesn't make EVs"

IMHO opinion it shouldn't be said that "so and so company has a new EV" if it can't be bought by everyone. This Drako I am sure is available to everyone, that has deep enough wallets/purses. So as I said. it is great that this car has come out because it help cement where the future of performance/hyper cars is going. | 16 October 2019

@jordanrichard - agree 100%!

carlk | 17 October 2019

It's just one of those collector's car that people buy for the exclusivity with the hope of price appreciation. That's always a big risk though. Is it really shipping?

carlk | 17 October 2019

Found a Road & Track article about the car. Interestingly the chassis is provided by Fisker. No one probably would miss the connection by looking at the picture. | 17 October 2019

One of the more impressive EV developments I've seen. Unclear what the long-term goal is, but I suspect a lower-end car with higher volume, maybe a $500K version? :)

They didn't seem to hide that the underpinnings were Fisker, but you couldn't see anything external or in the cabin that was from the Fisker parts bin. I was told the reason for using the Fisker platform as it eliminates crash testing, but I suspect low volume vehicles don't require crash testing. Still, like the original Tesla Roadster, it may have saved some engineering to use another base.

blue adept | 17 October 2019


That's the name of the company that was on the tip of my tongue that I was trying to recall when I realized that it resembled something that I'd seen before.

Who knows whether they'll achieve any real production numbers or, perhaps, fold like Faraday has:

+1 @jordanrichard

These product mouthpieces really need to work on the context of their narrative to avoid misleading the public-at-large.

SamanthaDavies846 | 17 October 2019

Interestingly the chassis is provided by Fisker.