Wheel Alighnment

Wheel Alighnment

Have new Blizzaks on rims. Firestone seems unsure of mounting & aligning. Cannot get a response from Tesla service... Is special equipment need to Mount and align rims?

scott | 16 October 2019

oops.. alignment

jordanrichard | 16 October 2019

Tires are tires. If Firestone can't figure that out, I suggest you go somewhere else.

As for the alignment, what does winter tires have to do with it. Meaning, why should that matter? They just need to be sure to tightened the lug nuts to 129 ft lbs and not crush the battery when lifting the car.

Charsiubao | 16 October 2019

Apparently only Tesla can align teslas, and considered a maintenance item, not warranty, I just have an alignment done, $225... my rear tire was so badly worn on the inside tread, it almost blew, just caught it in time and have new tires put on(by Costco, Mich mxm4) and wheels aligned by Tesla...and Tesla recommends alignment every year or 12,000 miles.

jordanrichard | 16 October 2019

I have had my MS for 5 1/2 years 169,000 miles and I think I have needed all of just 3 alignments in that time and I am in CT which doesn’t have the best roads.

pgkevet | 17 October 2019

How often were they checked and found to be aligned?

NoMoPetrol | 17 October 2019

@jordanrichard +1

Just had my wheels aligned by an independent shop. No issues, but mine is not the only Tesla they service, nor was it the first.

Charsiubao | 17 October 2019

@nomo...where had you done the alignment, how much? did they produce a diagram of the alignment showing the various degree and angle aligned on each wheel that Tesla service center did? Yes I have reservations about doing it every 12,000 miles as Tesla suggested, but I am interested in the correct work done, if by any other shop.

Mike G | 17 October 2019

They do not recommend alignment every year. In all my yearly maintenance visits for the past 4 years they only done it once, when they noticed that it needs it, and it was included in the maintenance price, so I didn’t have to pay extra for that.

GHammer | 17 October 2019

"They do not recommend alignment every year. "

But they do recommend it every 10-12K which for most people is about a year.
From the Tesla support page-
"Tesla recommends checking your tires every 10,000-12,000 miles for rotating, balancing and aligning needs."

It's up to you whether you do it or not based on your car, driving style and observed tire wear. For me, my P85+ seems to be very sensitive so I have it done every year. My 85D seems very stable so I've had it done twice in 4.5 years. My 3 had some irregular tire wear so I just had it done.

jordanrichard | 17 October 2019

Pgkevet, looking at my records, this is what I found with regard to alignments.

First I will say that the Annual Services calls for alignment checks. That is different than doing an alignment, meaning making adjustments. It’s like tire rotations, people mistaken Tesla saying check your tires every 10K for rotate your tires every 10K.

First alignment check and adjusted: 23,499
Second alignment check, no adjustment needed: 43,776
Third alignment check, no adjustment needed: 72,333
Fourth alignment check and adjusted: 107,979

So that was just 2 alignments needed over the course of 4 years/107,979 miles.

Now, since I had my 4th annual service done, Tesla did away with the annual services. So I skipped what would have been my 5th annual service, but I do check my own tires with a tread depth gauge and tire wear across the tires is even. I am presently at 169,800 miles.

pgkevet | 17 October 2019

Thanks, a clear response. Interestingly I had my 1 yr old S checked last month at a year old for brake service and Tesla checked and performed alignment too... which does rather make one wonder about pre delivery inspections?

NoMoPetrol | 18 October 2019


Bud's Tire Pros - two locations in Riverside CA, one in Moreno Valley. They print out everything associated with the alignment, both before and after. $120 for the alignment.

I rotate tires there every 5,000 miles for no better reason than I have always done it at that interval my entire adult life. And, by my estimation, the roadways are worse than they've ever been which has a direct impact on tire wear and alignment issues.