Anyone tracked their M3 at Streets Of Willow?

Anyone tracked their M3 at Streets Of Willow?

Hi folks,

Thinking about tracking my M3 Performance at Streets Of Willow (Speedventures). Anyone here done that before? I’m trying to plan how much charging I’ll need. There is a Supercharger 20 miles north (6 stalls up to 120kwh). I’m driving to the track from the LA area.

Any info on how much charge I’ll use per 20 minute session would be helpful as well.


charles.a.braun | 16 October 2019

My brother in law races his bike at Willow Springs fairly regularly. I live just about 20 minutes away so I will go out and watch from time to time. Have no desire to put either of my Teslas on the track though.

Mojave SuCh can get busy on the weekends and there is no guarantee that you will arrive with a stall available, let alone a non-shared circuit stall so charging speed will vary.

one.more.again | 17 October 2019

I have been out there twice with my LR RWD Model 3. Once for Big Willow and once for Streets. They do have a couple of RV spots with 14-50 charging. They cost $40 a day. You have to be very specific - when you call to reserve, tell them that you have an EV and must have a spot with 50 amp 14-50 outlet. Also- they keep the outlets locked. Make sure they are sending someone to unlock it right away, or better yet, ask if they can unlock the night before.

It took me 23 minutes from the track to the Mojave supercharger, and 23 minutes back, so you'll need time. I never had a problem at the supercharger though. Maybe I got lucky, but was always plenty of space on a Saturday around noon.

Here are some posts I made about my times there: