Spotify Issues in-car

Spotify Issues in-car

Ever since the most recent update, when they introduced Spotify to the display built-in, it doesn't work properly.

Whenever I get into the car, go to the Music and start up Spotify, it shows the Menu... all good. But when I click "Songs" where it should show all my "Liked (Songs)", it like never loads. I have to exit the Spotify Menu to something else, say TuneIn, go back to Spotify, click "Songs" and then it might (1) not load again or (2) load up all my songs right away. Surely you'd agree I shouldn't have to normally go through that back and forth just to get my "Songs" to show up.

In the times where I didn't give up and switch to using my iPhone X and play Spotify through there via Bluetooth, when I use Spotify to play from "Songs", and click on the Shuffle icon to where it's lit up, when the current songs ends, it STOPS and doesn't continue to play other songs in that 'playlist' of "Songs".

Have any of you experienced similar issues? So far, I haven't seen any reported issues regarding Spotify on the display so I'm thinking this is a remote issue.

Thank you all!

kruiz828 | 17 October 2019

I've been experiencing similar issues as well. Some times Spotify will not load even though I have great cell or WiFi signal.

Effopec | 17 October 2019

Yeah, spotify is very buggy right now. It's probably less than 50% of the time I get in the car where it loads correctly. Often have to toggle over to FM or Slacker and back, and sometimes more than once. I hope this gets fixed soon. I'm on my 4th iteration of V10 and each time I'm hoping that this is what they are fixing, but not yet...

erickboldt | 17 October 2019

Ahhh, so it isn't just me. Phew! Alright, thanks ya'll! I hope they get this fixed soon!