Installed Winter Tires today - one thing to pay attention to.

Installed Winter Tires today - one thing to pay attention to.

Hey guys,

Short post to share my experience installing 4 winter tires today on my M3 at my local garage.

Tires: Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 235/40 R19 96W XL
I kept my original 19" wheels

Ordered the M3 lift pods here:

The only issue today was with the pods. They are a bit thick, so their 4 arm lift could not fit underneath the pod, especially up front. They could not remove the support from the lift and could not lower it enough to slide the support under the pod. We thought we could lay the pod on the arm of the lift, but even that proved impossible, we could not slide the arm, it was touching the pod. Not much was missing, but it could not be done. So we moved the car to a flat lift (just 2 flat plates flush with the garage floor) and we could lift the M3 with the 4 pods in place.

The rest went smoothly. The guy made me aware that the torque needed to tighten the nuts was higher than usual, 180 N-m, i believe this is around 130 ft-lb.

So might be a good thing to check the lift your garage is using if you want that job done.

coleAK | 17 October 2019

When I did my tire change over last fall and spring on the frame lift at the auto hobby shop I had to use 2x4’s. Place the pieces of 2x4 at the correct place on the ground then drive the Tesla on the pieces of wood after that the hockey pucks on the frame lift cleared just fine. Last week when I switched to my winters I used my floor jack in the garage, I have an Arcan XL 2500 and had at least an inch clearance with a hockey puck on the lift pad.

FISHEV | 17 October 2019

Dropped car off to have the black base 18" wheels powder coated satin chrome finish since it was about as much to fix the road rash on the rims.

I sent them a copy of the "Lift" page from the manual showing where to lift the Model 3. They said they've see lots of Tesla's and no issues so left it at that. Hope the lift is easier as long as one places the jack lifting points on the spots indicated by manual.

FISHEV | 17 October 2019

Getting my 18" black original wheels chromed today and I gave the shop the Tesla manual page that showed the jacking points. Hopefully that's all they need. They said they do a fair number of Tesla's as they fix wheels with curb rash in addition to custom work.

I'm planning on going "oversized" on the snow tires to 255/40/R18 so the tire extends over the rim to prevent hitting the wheels which I never did prior to the Model 3. Wheel place said to NOT use the rim protectors as they don't really protect and if do curb the car and damage the wheel the protectors are hard to get out.

Might have to go down a size to 245/40/R18 to get preferred Xice3's.

FISHEV | 17 October 2019

Dang...double post there...sorry.

Hugues1965 | 17 October 2019

Good idea for the 2x4’s.

bp | 17 October 2019

I’m getting mine mounted on the factory 18s next week at Discount Tire (this is Washington state; elsewhere known as America’s Tire). They specifically stated on their website that they do professional installation on Tesla. Thumbs up!

Bought the Hakkapeliitta R3. Will do new wheels with summers in the spring.

coleAK | 17 October 2019

I’ll also mention that one of the “car” frame lift at the hobby shop would have cleared it just fine. However given the heavy model 3 they wanted me to use a “truck lift”