Tesla charging me for 2 cars when I purchased 1

Tesla charging me for 2 cars when I purchased 1

I really wanted to enjoy breaking the mold and purchasing a Tesla vehicle. I was an early adopter on the Chevy Volt back in the day and I was so excited to be part of the Tesla community. Unfortunately, that is not how things have turned out.

Because my credit was excellent, I was able to get 3.14% financing through Tesla which of course was through Chase bank. When I logged into my Chase account this morning, I noticed that I had two vehicles that I owe money on. Two Model 3's with two completely separate vin nunmbers. I called the Tesla store and after providing the vins, I was told that one of the vins belongs to another customer but it looks like the sales person put that vehicle into my Chase account by accident. It took me calling, nearly a month after purchasing my vehicle in order to notice that mistake. The sales advisor told me she is looking into it to "see what can be done" but I would caution everyone buying to make sure you double check your finance with a fine tooth comb. This is a credit and life affecting mistake on their part. How can something like this happen? Any advice on what I should do here?

Unfortunately, this is not the only issue I have had. I also purchased my vehicle with 2 years of free supercharging and expected that would be part of my purchase. It wasn't until several supercharger charges appearing on my credit card later that I as given a date of "End of September" followed by "Oct 7th" followed by "Sorry, there is only 1 guy in california that is enter all of these" followed by "Sorry, when you purchased your car, we entered it wrong and it could still be some time. We will update you when we know more" That last update was over a week ago.

Great car, worst possible customer service of any car company I have ever worked with. I have been nothing but patient, kind and understanding. Even the online support took over a week to respond back to me.

andy.connor.e | 18 October 2019

Second car was not in the contract and your bank has it financed in your name. Try calling the bank if you havent already. Sometimes doing things through the bank, they will go through Tesla to fix it.

That being said, get your second car that you're paying for thats not in the contract you signed.

synthlight | 18 October 2019

@Andy, thanks. Currently on the phone with Chase waiting for a rep. Through all the issues I have had with the supercharging runarounds, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I just feel emotionally drained from being so happy about my decision to being so disappointed with my decision. It's a feeling of sadness more than anything. heh.

As an update, my Chase account has reflected a payoff for that particular account in the last few minutes. I still want to get to the bottom of what happened though.

andy.connor.e | 18 October 2019

No kidding, thats a significant and unacceptable error.

Kathy Applebaum | 18 October 2019

"worst possible customer service of any car company I have ever worked with"

In that case, you've been lucky before this.

hokiegir1 | 18 October 2019

I had a former car company (and the related finance company) that decided to default a loan that both they and I had records of me making payments -- and them recording them and applying them to my account. But, even with a 100% payment history for 3 years, I had a "default" on my credit report for this loan.

Trust me...if the worst thing you've dealt with is an extra car that you aren't expected to pay on and some supercharging credits that will eventually get straightened out, you're very lucky.

synthlight | 18 October 2019

@kathy.. Don't get me wrong, I know people have had bad experiences with other dealerships and car companies. It's strictly a statement about my experience, in my life and through several cars. I have never had a dealership charge me for two cars when I have purchased one and also give me the run around on not delivering features that were supposed to come with the vehicle (talking about the 2 years supercharging). It's just never happened and I believe as a consumer, I am in the right to be upset about it. I'm not some wacky forum troll or some Tesla hater.

It kind of feels like if I go to the dentist and he hits my tooth with a hammer. When I say "wow, that's not normal" and someone reacts with "Well, you don't know how bad dentists used to be. Consider yourself lucky." No, I don't consider myself lucky and it puts me in a situation where I feel ashamed about my decision and I will look for a better dentist. In this situation though, I am sitting around patiently hoping for an acceptable answer from the dentist on why he took a hammer to my tooth. I think that's more than fair.

synthlight | 18 October 2019

@hokiegir1 - Just so it's clear, I don't have an extra car. I purchased 1 car and I was charged for 2 separate VINs.

calvin940 | 18 October 2019

Your bank should have never allowed the 2nd car to be put on your account as long as you had correctly communicated to your bank that you were only purchasing only 1 car.

In this case, it's most definitely a bank issue (or owner issue). I understand how you may attribute it to Tesla given that the sales persons made the mistake of putting the second car on your account, however, that mistake should have never translated into any cost or credit issue for you if your bank was doing it's jobs (assuming you communicated properly that only one car was being purchased).

synthlight | 18 October 2019

@calvin940 Yeah, I agree that the bank should have never allowed it. At the time, Chase was not my bank. I simply applied for financing through Tesla, they chose Chase and what seems like a few days later, I had two separate VINs in two separate loan accounts and two separate car payments under Chase.

As an update. A Chase rep confirmed that the payoff was initiated by the "dealership" about an hour ago. I requested the payoff letter be mailed to me. When I asked Chase to see who opened the account and for any signatures associated, I was told "It's all electronic and I won't have that information for you. It's paid off now though. You should take this up with Tesla."

Magic 8 Ball | 18 October 2019

"life affecting mistake" very dramatic but it is just a mistake and crap like this happens. It will all be backed out, it will take some time, but it is a clerical error and the older you get the more you will encounter. People do dumb shit and we are all victims at one time or another.