I plan to go to Bay Area in a couple weeks are breaks-in down or people just stop reporting them.. Has sentry made a difference?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 October 2019

● Signs point to yes.

Syed.Hosain | 18 October 2019


rhj | 18 October 2019

Hertz has a SF airport special or was it Avis ?
Its a rusted out diesel pickup with malt liquor broken glass in the bed and no glove box door
Steering column is pre punched with a screwdriver in it
GPS and truck nutz are options

kc4129 | 18 October 2019

I would still fold down the back seat just in case.

ncancilla81 | 18 October 2019

My Model 3 was broken into a couple of weeks ago in Oakland

Shesmyne2 | 18 October 2019

They have been in tourist popular areas mostly.
Just keep your valuables out of the vehicle and park smartly.
But yeah, they have decreased lately.

Still Grinning ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 18 October 2019

And yes, I believe Sentry & all the news about it (including people getting busted for being idiots)
has helped.

Have a fun visit!

Still Grinning ;-)