Any info on the Model 3 Forged Referral Wheels?

Any info on the Model 3 Forged Referral Wheels?

Now that summer has come and gone, I thought it would be appropriate to ask... where the heck are these wheels? We don't even have a pic of what they are supposed to look like. If anyone has any information regarding these wheels, please share... thanks!

Raffim | 22 October 2019


lbowroom | 22 October 2019

No one has any information, and no one has really been asking. I'm also patiently waiting.

Raffim | 22 October 2019

I’ve emailed the referral program team and have not received any response unfortunately.

ALDONY | 23 October 2019

I asked and apparently they said that it should be early spring

hassan | 23 October 2019

8/2 they emailed me saying early Fall. So Spring 2020 sounds right.

Raffim | 23 October 2019

thanks for the input... I guess we have to wait another 1/2 a year. :(

gtgoff | 23 October 2019

I'm waiting too - but with nearly-bald tires. I'd planned to install the new wheels and use my old M3P wheels for snow-tire duty this winter. It looks like I'm going to have to end up parking the car for a while if they keep delaying these :-/.

Raffim | 23 October 2019

@gtgoff... don't park your car... it may take them another year until they release them... they are notoriously late on these things and don't provide any solid updates. I would maybe try to find a used set of tires to put on in the meantime to buy you more time...

lbowroom | 23 October 2019

I have a set of the OEM 18's with 2k miles on them in Orange County

ALDONY | 23 October 2019


Same here. I have 25k miles. Planning to use the 18" for winter tires, and then install summer with the forged 19"

gtgoff | 24 October 2019

Wait, are these forged referral wheels 19" or 20"? I thought 20" so they'd at least match the size of the Performance wheels.

I have a few other (<20mpg) cars I can drive if I park this one so I'm not *too* bothered by it but I do appreciate EAP on my 100mi commute to work a few days each week.

lbowroom | 24 October 2019

I assume they will be 20's, but no one knows. Depends on what they are going for. Nothing implicitly better about 20 x 8.5 tucked into the fenders. 19 x 9.5 are a better track setup. It's unclear.