Feature suggestion- Wiper controls

Feature suggestion- Wiper controls

Being able to turn the wipers on (and off) easily is currently more of a challenge (takes my eyes off of the road) than it should be. I know that tapping the button on the end of the left stalk will give one swipe, and that is great. But, how about using that same button to do more than just a single swipe? tap gives one swipe (that is what we have now), two taps turns the intermittent wipers on, and triple tap turns the wipers on. (We could go crazy and have 4 taps turn the wipers on high speed) My opinion is this would be a tremendous safety and convenience improvement. What about turning the wipers off? Presumably, when you want to turn the wipers off, conditions have improved to the point where glancing at the touch screen would not be so dangerous.

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Joshan | 23 October 2019

I would prefer voice commands and go more hands free.

gballant4570 | 23 October 2019

Just use the Auto setting, and stop fooling with it. When I first got the car, I had some residual desire to fool with the wipers, but after a while I came to appreciate having automatic wipers.

bp | 23 October 2019

Auto setting frankly doesn’t work. I was initially a big fan of auto, and it seemed to work great for me. Now that it’s fall in the PNW, I’ve found auto unacceptable (especially compared to my former car, an ‘07 Audi).

What the OP is suggesting is imo a great idea. I’d prefer press-and-hold to turn wipers on or off (where on is like manual setting #3).

andy.connor.e | 23 October 2019

Do people not adjust the sensitivity of the auto wipers to suit their preference? I bet those people's wifi password is still the default factory set.

don.lind | 23 October 2019

I gotta admit that the auto wipers has gotten pretty good now. It's always on. And it'll start sprinkling and the wipers just do their jobs and I smile.

Also, if you hit the button to get the one swipe, the wiper card slides out on the lower left of the screen. You have maybe 5 seconds or so to simply touch one of the other intermittent wiper settings if you want to control more directly. That's pretty easy... no fumbling with the menus to get there.

synfendia | 23 October 2019

OP +1

dmastro | 23 October 2019

@Joshan: Agree voice command would be optimal. I've also seen other suggestions where clicking the physical wiper button would temporarily change the functionality of one of the scroll wheels to cycle through speeds.

@gballant4570: Admittedly I haven't used wipers since last winter so there have been a few updates that have pushed since then, but at that time auto-mode didn't work well enough. It was often too slow so I had to change from auto to select a speed. Of course, when the rain is coming down hard, it's the worst time to take eyes off the road to swipe and tap wiper settings. Hopefully auto has been better calibrated now.

geoffdorn | 23 October 2019

yes the auto wiper feature in the PNW doesn't work, its a danger actually. I hope someday that this will be fixed, its my only complaint about the best consumer car ever made.

jimglas | 23 October 2019

my wipers worked perfectly in light to heavy rain

rbaley680 | 23 October 2019

I am not aware of a sensitivity adjustment for auto wipers

Toocool | 23 October 2019

Agreed, auto wipers work moderately well in some circumstances but not in all. Would be nice to use the physical button like OP suggests or a variation of it. Wonder if the hardware supports such upgrades though.

FISHEV | 23 October 2019

Not sure if it's new or I never noticed before the rainy weather started but tapping the wiper does call the Wiper Controls screen up so it does save some of the looking away from the road to adjust wipers where the safer design puts it on a stalk that drivers can adjust without looking away from the road when visibility and conditions are poor.

Will Model Y fix some of these safety compromises that Model 3 made to cut costs?

CharleyBC | 23 October 2019

I've been happy with auto wipers since some software update 6-8 months ago, but I know that's not true for everyone.

I like OP's idea, and lots of people agree that taking eyes off the road to fool with the wipers is risky. But I think I'd find double, triple and quadruple taps tedious. So I propose this variation: Tap once to get a single wipe. You may have noticed that when you do that, the wiper control appears on the screen for several seconds. During that time, in my proposed enhancement, the left scroll wheel adjusts the wiper speed up or down as you prefer, including Auto as one of its stops. Push button, roll wheel. Eyes on the road non-stop.

The voice control idea is nice too.

andy.connor.e | 23 October 2019

free flag for your "safety compromise". You are compromising the forums safety!

henry.groover | 23 October 2019

Auto wipers are great but they are subject to some false positives. For example once I parked facing a building with riveted metal siding, and it (appears as if) the rivets were interpreted as raindrops, and the wipers came on when things were completely dry. So yes, I like the OP's idea...

gballant4570 | 23 October 2019

Elon, please do not turn our Model 3's into Volvo's.

gballant4570 | 23 October 2019

BTW, the Pacific Northwest is not the only place rain falls, and hard at times.

CharleyBC | 23 October 2019

"Auto wipers are great but they are subject to some false positives."

Yup. We got a new one (well, new for us) recently. The wipers started going intermittently in clear dry conditions. It turned out to be bug splats on the windshield in front of the forward camera cluster. The wipers couldn't clear the dead bugs, but they kept trying. Problem fixed with Windex.

RedPillSucks | 24 October 2019

@CharleyBC +100