AWD, Non-Perf, quarter-mile times and MPH

AWD, Non-Perf, quarter-mile times and MPH

I finally got to the drag strip last Friday night - amazing results.
AWD, non-perf, 80-85% SOC, ~55 degrees, 28k miles, 3k miles on new all-season tires.
4 runs, all around 11.8s, 111mph.
I was expected mid-12's. I shared in our WI owners FB group and many were surprised as well.

Any others out there with similar times?

video of the 2nd run:
pic of slips from 4 races:

kjmori | 23 October 2019

Wow, comfortably and consistently doing 11.8's... that seems faster than publication reviews out there who consistently tested the AWD's 1/4 mile at 12.5. 0.7s is a pretty significant difference. Sorry, no numbers to share, as I haven't had time to take it to the track yet.

What's your car's build date/month? Perhaps newer ones are a bit faster?
(totally assuming based on your tire wear, unless it's a second set)

bp | 23 October 2019

For dummies who like meaningless metrics: what 0-60 figures were you getting? Trying to make sense of Tesla’s published numbers.

Thanks for sharing, btw. Looks fun.

Atom12 | 23 October 2019

Are you sure there is not a little red line underneath the words "dual motor"?

2015P90DI | 23 October 2019

Yeah, that doesn't sound right. Maybe Tesla goofed and your car actually has the Performance package enabled, at least the acceleration part.

Joseb | 23 October 2019

That looks awesome, I have AWD as well, I know is crazy fast, but if I time it right, you did 0-60 in like 3.5s ?

The Non-Perf is "supposed" to be under 4.5s, which is still pretty darn good. :-)

coleAK | 23 October 2019

LR AWD on OEM Michelin’s mounted to ~18lb oz racing 18” rims. My wife ran <12s. Fastest was 11.4 seemed like every run was 110 mph.
Here is a video my son did of her first run ever on a1/4 mile.

rsingh05 | 23 October 2019

@OBMinWI and @ColeAK - those sound like 3P numbers. Are you SURE you don't have a stealth P (underline under dual motor in the display), whether paid for or due to Tesla error?

coleAK | 23 October 2019

Sorry I just read the OP and didn’t put much thought into it. . But she ran mid 12’s @110, best was 12.4. Beat: chargers, challengers, mustang SVT, cobra 304, and a track hawk. Corvette’s and 911 turbo, and an insanity fast RS4 b
her lunch.

rsingh05 | 23 October 2019

The good news is it'll all get faster with the upcoming 5% power bump

Zakynthos | 23 October 2019

Either you have a normal to slow-ish P3- by accident (this isn't unfathomable given similar situations in the past) or you have a freak LR AWD that is somehow putting down more power. I have one of the fastest times I know of with the same car in Tesla circles (stock) with a best time of 12.37. You don't just drop half a second in the 1/4 mile against well known consistent times with the same car and there not be a big reason for it.

What software version are you running?
What is your 0-60 time?
How much do you weigh?

Zakynthos | 23 October 2019

Your time, especially in the 1/8th mile, is right in line with the P3D. Are you sure you didn't get the Stealth Performance (P3D-)? Easiest way to know is a dual motor red underline on the screen that shows your car.

h2ev | 24 October 2019

Wow. Yeah that sure looks like a slip from a P lol.

OBMinWI | 24 October 2019

so.... i feel silly now. I had never paid attention to 'stealth performance', etc. I didn't know the red line under the dual motor indicated this. I do have it and feel blessed. that explains a ton ... i had always felt the car seemed quicker than 0-60 in 4.4s.

i'll have to do some research now - how it came, can it go away with an update, etc.

h2ev | 24 October 2019

Nice! When did you buy your car?

This more or less confirms that the P is just a checkbox in the software somewhere. Might want to keep a low profile and not attract Elon's attention ;)

OBMinWI | 24 October 2019

@h2ev - i know, right?! i took delivery late Sep '18. Delivery came quicker than expected, as I ordered Obsidian Black Metallic, so they ran the batch of those after closing orders in mid-sep '18 for them.

Has anyone seen any official P3D-, stealth, info from Tesla?

low profile ... i agree. i just told my wife about these responses in this post, that i have the stealth perf, and she said "you better take that sh!t down". love it...

gballant4570 | 24 October 2019

I am wondering what impact the coming 5% power increase update will have on numbers for 1/4 mile runs. BTW, if the red line shows up on your screen, Tesla already knows what you got. In my opinion, you got the best config - higher power unlock/binned motors, 18" wheels. Stealth. Nice.

OBMinWI | 24 October 2019

i got my fix filled by going once to the drag strip ... but this 5% increase, ah... i might have to go back again!
Has anyone seen official info/confirmation from Tesla on the P3- or stealth?
@gballant4570 - the 'higher power unlock/binned motors', so the thought is there is a physical difference too, not just software-enabled?

jimglas | 24 October 2019

EM says the car is physically different
Not just software

millerwb | 24 October 2019


Went to Bandimere on 09/25. Two passes. 12.560 @ 111.03 and 12.594 @ 111.36.

gballant4570 | 24 October 2019

The binned motors came out of the same crate as the non-binned motors is what was reported last year. The binned motors tested differently. I think that there was an inverter difference discussed at some point as well - maybe what jimglas is referring to. I do not think any of what I am saying was ever official Tesla communication.

The bottom line is that based on the above scenario the power flow is software unlocked, handled by different inverters and binned (higher testing) motors.

Patronus | 24 October 2019

I have read that the inverter is different.

neylus | 24 October 2019

Now you gotta go change the title of your video before you send the world into a talespin.

johnw | 24 October 2019

How fun to 'accidentally' discover you have a P3D- It's the perfect car for me- I just finished my 1st year and 25k miles with mine. I've don drag racing with it, but haven't done 1/4 mile timings yet. I won 2 classes in drag racing. I was only beat by a NOS car, truck and P100D model S in about 50 races.

804son | 24 October 2019

I would find it highly doubtful that at their current production levels for the Model 3 that any motors are still being binned.

radean84 | 24 October 2019

Wait a minute... how much did you pay for the car? Did you pay for a performance model or a dual motor long range? Quite a jump in price for the performance. Did you always have the red bar on the screen?

jjgunn | 24 October 2019

LOL -- This thread is funny

Snowball M3 AWD | 24 October 2019

I think this 5% upgrade will benefit non-perf LR AWD M3 most since its power was detuned from factory. Thank you Tesla.