2019.32.12.3 downloaded last night

2019.32.12.3 downloaded last night

Guessing no great shakes? Just some simple bug fixes? Scanned through the update description and it didnt seem anything new and exciting.


Lubdub | 24 October 2019

My MX does not show what is new in the updates. Just get blank screen

PrescottRichard | 24 October 2019

2016 Model S 90D go it, think it is just bug fixes.

That black screen for release notes is common. It’ll come up at some point, you can pull them up under the ‘software’ section.

aku9 | 25 October 2019

What this update has new

rickpaquin | 25 October 2019

Software section? Anything I try brings up the blank screen, and i stays blank. Since most of us with a pre-2019 S have this problem, you'd think they could post the updates in our phone's app. This update screen is tied to the browser that no longer works, and according to the rangers, it can't be fixed. I understand why Tesla doesn't want the updates publicized, but they could put them in our profile or some other secure area. So in short, none of us seem to know what these updates actually do because the browser no longer works and can't be fixed.

SCCRENDO | 25 October 2019

I assume you rebooted your screen etc.

SCCRENDO | 25 October 2019

FYI. Both my cars are on 32.12.2. Also available are 32.12.3 and 32.12.4 which are minor updates. But it looks like a few cars have 2019.36 which is likely a more major update.

Bill | 26 October 2019

I got the update and downloaded on my MS 70D this afternoon. Looks like I now the ability to contact Tesla on the mobile for emergency road service. Nice add on. Other than that, I see nothing else new.

EVRider | 27 October 2019

@Bill: I had the Roadside Assistance option even before I upgraded to V10, so I don’t think that’s new. It might be location dependent.