Rocker Panel Repair

Rocker Panel Repair

I hit a curb and got pretty bad damage on the passenger side rocker panel of my car. The repair is more extensive than I originally thought. It involves, cutting pieces of the frame and welding in a new piece. The car seems to still drive fine so I think the damage is just cosmetic. I can't decide if I should get it fixed through insurance or just live with it and take the cash payout (almost equal to amount owed on loan). Here are what I think are my options:

A. Repair car through insurance.
Cons: -Increase in insurance premium. (Maybe switch to Tesla insurance when it comes time to renew?)
-Integrity of car compromised through welded frame?
-Frame repair to show up on car fax, impacting resale value

B. Cash out insurance claim and use cash to install Tsportline side skirts to cover damage and cover increased future premiums.
Either install side skirts and paint match or buy the whole carbon fiber package
Cons: -Car will not look oem
-Integrity of car compromised with bent side frame?
-Won't ever repair the damage in the future because cost is too high
-Car resale value affected by damage not being repaired

RayNLA | 25 October 2019

Have you car fixed and keep it moving!

Tuning In | 25 October 2019

If you cash out, it will show up on carfax as well. It’s not the repair that triggers a report filing, it’s the claim itself.

4barkie | 25 October 2019

the carbon fiber side skirts look nice but having the damage on my car would drive me nuts.

RP3 | 5 November 2019

@OP, what did you decide? The reason I'm asking is that I have the exact same decision to make now! :(