Solar Roof v3 won't install in a new construction?

Solar Roof v3 won't install in a new construction?

I've been waiting for 2 years after making a deposit for the solar roof. I was told it wasn't ready for installation on new construction (only rip and replace old roof). Finally our rebuild started and when I saw the news of the new v3 I was hoping they will install on our new house. Still the answer is the same though - they can install only on existing houses and won't install in a new construction. Sounds weird - as it should be far easier to install when there isn't a roof on instead of having to rip one out!!

Talking to regular roofer, they can't understand why this will be as they think it has to be easier on a new house.

Any idea if Tesla has any plans to install on new constructions any time soon?

jrweiss98020 | 29 October 2019

Maybe it's because they cannot guarantee a delivery time...

NaraR | 31 October 2019

No, they are taking orders for older homes - but they say they won't install on new homes. Which doesn't make any sense as you'd think installing on a roof on plywood is easier than ripping out the old roof and gutter, install the new roof and put back the gutter... I wonder if it is just sales guys who are badly trained or if the whole chain of command doesn't understand how roofs are installed!

jrweiss98020 | 31 October 2019

They may be taking orders, but are they installing any?

rick | 1 November 2019

I have a new house in planning stage and hope to submit plans for permit in the next 30 days. I am also in So FL in a 170 mph wind zone. I am hoping to get a V3 roof on the new home and anxious to hear more comments here.

tomas.hajlich | 13 November 2019

I am still waiting for technical data when preparing the project of the new house. In the press still new information about solar roof, but nothing from Tesla.

ir | 13 November 2019

Same here, Tesla’s entire process is geared towards retrofits. They want current power bills and site inspections. Getting information that I can share with my architect or electrician are nearly nonexistent.

The frontline sales folks are not knowledgeable enough. I once accidentally got bounced to the installer / contractor hotline and finally talked to folks who had more details. Though some of the info they gave was a bit inconsistent with other sources.

In the end, we put a tile roof as a placeholder for design and engineering purposes. Then maybe substitute composite roofing as a placeholder or tile with traditional solar in the end.

riadmahbub | 25 November 2019

What happened to Tuscan glass tile? Are those still available? I see only V3 on tesla ordering.

kerry986 | 28 November 2019

I am in the initial stages of planning a house build, I hope to break ground in late Spring or early Summer of next year. I have corresponded with a Tesla advisor who reached out to me since I put down the $1,000 deposit that Tesla formally required to get on the waiting list. She advised me they hope to have protocols in place for new construction in “early 2020”. I sure hope they hit this target, even a small delay will likely require my build going with a traditional roof.

gregbrew | 28 November 2019

With all of the unmet promises, delays and unreturned inquiries we read about here on the Tesla solar roof front, I wouldn't even consider moving forward with plans that include one. If I were you, I'd plan on doing a traditional, high quality, asphalt shingle roof that's easy to put a solar array on. Including a Tesla solar roof in your planing and logistics will only lead to delays and lost sleep. Who knows if we will *ever* see a reliable solar roof product out of Tesla.

Be sure to put some *internal* empty conduit from your roof area to down near your main or sub panel. If you don't have a good interior route for conduit, the Tesla installers will route the ugly conduit on the *exterior* of your house. Make sure that said interior conduit routing is explicitly written into your contract with Tesla.

The last thing you want on your beautiful new home is ugly conduit criss-crossing the exterior.

kerry986 | 28 November 2019

Gregbrew, I agree with you. I can foresee how this could potentially play out.. the framing is nearing completion and the builder is advised the solar roof tile won’t be available for another few months. Or worse, radio silence and no information given.

Thanks for the tip on the conduit, good idea.