iPod Classic - Apple Lossless song titles show up as XXXX.m4a

iPod Classic - Apple Lossless song titles show up as XXXX.m4a

I know, I know...what's an iPod? Haha. I recently imported a new CD as Apple Lossless format into iTunes. I've had trouble synching it to my phone due to iTune issues. I'm working to resolve that. But, in the meantime, I remembered hearing that the car now recognizes the iPod so I thought I'd give it a shot. True enough! The car does now recognize my iPod, and no I'm not in disk mode. All the songs that were synched to my iPod show up with all the details. But, I've noticed that Apple Lossless songs show up as something like QUNV.m4a. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to fix it?

Joshan | 30 October 2019

<--- the apple forum is that way

Joshan | 30 October 2019

sorry, I shouldn't be a smart ass... I said I Was going to try and follow derotms post. Sorry I have no idea.

bddaughe | 30 October 2019

Haha. Thanks Joshan. Smart asses are welcome :-)

bddaughe | 30 October 2019

Since it may not be clear, everything shows correctly on my iPod. It's only in the car that it displays the way I described. So, iPod senses it correctly. Otherwise, I would have been in the Apple forum! ;-)

bradbomb | 30 October 2019

@bddaughe At least you have better success than me. I don't use the iPod Mini I have in my possession, but I wanted to try it in my Model 3 so I loaded some MP3s and M4As onto it. The iPod shows up completely empty when connected via USB.

bddaughe | 31 October 2019

Hmmm...did you copy it to the ipod like a usb drive? Or did you synch them in itunes? In my case, they're all synched from iTunes. And all the songs play, but the apple lossless ones just don't have any info assigned to them so I can't look for them in albums, artists. etc.

Not a huge deal, but thought I'd post in case anyone had an idea.

bradbomb | 5 November 2019

Did it through iTunes like always. Doesn't really matter for me, I use my iPhone over bluetooth. It was just a silly test for me.

bddaughe | 6 November 2019

Maybe something about the iPod classic shows up differently to the car than iPod mini. Very interesting. It's not a huge deal. Thanks any way for trying!

OBMinWI | 6 November 2019

i wonder if it has anything to do with the combination of an iPod classic, discontinued iTunes, or the 'new' CD?

sorry, couldn't resist.