Let's have fun. Where are you from Model 3 proud or not owners?

Let's have fun. Where are you from Model 3 proud or not owners?

Maybe we can get to know each other little bit better. And that will help us to come together.
Where are you from originally or not, city, state? You can give as much information as you want. Let's have fun Tesla brothers and sisters!

Joshan | 30 October 2019

Chicago (for now)

jebinc | 30 October 2019

I escaped to WA state (Seattle area) in 1989, from Northern NJ (Bergan Co.)... ;-)

AWDTesla | 30 October 2019

An Igloo in Ottawa

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

I start.
I was born in cold country with beautiful women and lots of vodka and beers ;)
Moved to States long time ago and Proud to call USA sweet home. I have been living in the south for past 18 years. Atlanta, GA. I love south and would never move north. Good to meet ya all.

jimglas | 30 October 2019

I am from MN, but live in Sothern Colorado now. Much milder weather and no bugs.

R.I.P Kobe | 30 October 2019

Beaver den, just outside of Ottawa. That’s in Canada for you Americans.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

Bears* autocorrect

hokiegir1 | 30 October 2019

Born in NJ.
Then moved to PA.
Then to VA.
Then to MD.
Now I've been in GA for 14 years.
Next stop will be somewhere with 4 discernible seasons and an Associate Director or Director title. ;)

jebinc | 30 October 2019


If I may ask, what part of NJ? I was born and lived for 23 years near "The Meadowlands" - East Rutherford.

Taggart | 30 October 2019

Southwestern Washington by way of Honolulu

steevsteevsteev | 30 October 2019

I have a feeling that non-owners will have trouble replying to this thread since the thread is restricted to verified owners.

howard | 30 October 2019

Orlando, FL / / Golden, CO last 35 years.

Aridala | 30 October 2019

Born in California, but left when they all started losing their minds out there.
Been in Georgia since 2006

hokiegir1 | 30 October 2019

@jebinc - Ft. Dix. I did actually leave for Tacoma for about 6 months when I was 3, but otherwise stayed there until I was about 10. Haven't really been back since, save for a couple family events in the early 90's.

jebinc | 30 October 2019


I haven't gone back either! Most of the family "escaped" in the '80's and early '90's.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

I have a half of my family in NJ.

hokiegir1 | 30 October 2019

@jebinc - I'm a civil service brat (not military, but worked on base), so when Dix closed, most of my family moved with it. I still have some extended family there in the New Egypt area, but not anyone I care to see regularly. There is one independent bag maker (Top Notch By Design) that I really want to go to, and it would be nice to show hubby the tiny house I grew up in since we've all told him about it -- so I'll eventually do a small trip, but would likely stay in PA. Most of my family is now in NC, so I'm actually thinking about applying for a job at Duke that I just heard about. We'll see. I do like my company....would just be nice to get a new title (been here 6 years in the same one -- small office).

jebinc | 30 October 2019

Thanks for the background. Interesting. I moved around and title incremented. Retired real early as a Sr. Director from the world’s largest airspace company. Enjoying the executive retirement benefits now! Good luck on the career ambitions!

vmulla | 30 October 2019

Vizag, India -> Morgantown WV -> Steubenville OH/Pittsburgh PA -> Dallas TX -> Seattle WA -> Ft Worth TX -> Portland OR -> Washington DC Metro (Last 15yrs)

Most of my cousins are here.It's only a matter of time, our family is going to be 100% Tesla. I'm working on it :)

kdgrotz | 30 October 2019

Northern California just outside of SF on the peninsula.

derotam | 30 October 2019

Originally from St. Louis, now in Northern VA

vmulla | 30 October 2019

Would love to meet you

Big_Ed | 30 October 2019

Grew up in Atlanta; lived in NY, GA, HI, NC, CO, DC, Germany, and FL during military career. Traveled in 30+ countries. Currently on 2nd career in Tampa, FL.

Big_Ed | 30 October 2019

@hokiegir1, my son is a freshman at Duke. Wonderful place. Not healthy for my wallet though.

Big_Ed | 30 October 2019

@jebinc: isn't the proper query "which exit"?

JK, I went to school in NY about an hour north of NJ, and discovered there were parts of NJ that were quite rural and pleasant.

95dawg | 30 October 2019

Grew up in Seattle. Moved to NYC for first job, then back to Seattle for another. Decided to chase sweet contractor money and went to Cleveland for couple of years. Realized I can't deal with CLE winter (what can I say, I'm a West Coast boy.) Back again to Seattle for good probably.

Bighorn | 30 October 2019

Wife worked at Duke and I was involved in research there (Argus 2 origin for the eye mds). You should check out Chapel Hill:)

Joshan | 30 October 2019

WhiteWi | October 30, 2019
I have been living in the south for past 18 years. Atlanta, GA. I love south and would never move north. Good to meet ya all.

I would have guessed Wisconsin based on your name.

Kary993 | 30 October 2019

Indiana to Los Angeles to San Diego now!

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

@Joshan White Wind is my full nickname

-Nik- | 30 October 2019

Bishop Ca. Small town in eastern California


CharleyBC | 30 October 2019

Born in San Diego, CA. Moved:
Orange, CA when I was 5.
Duxbury, MA 11.
Alexandria, VA 16.
San Luis Obispo, CA 18
Morro Bay, CA 19
San Luis Obispo, CA 21
Alexandria, VA 21
Billerica, MA 24
Folsom, CA 38
Sacramento, CA 52

I think.

TabascoGuy | 30 October 2019

Michigan my entire life.

@WhiteWi, What's this never move north baloney that you speak of?

@steev x3, I'm not an owner.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

@TabascoGuy don't really miss cold winters, beat up roads and some other stuff.

gparrot | 30 October 2019

CharleyBC... with the way your nickname is set, I thought you were from British Columbia.

jmccpa | 30 October 2019

Kingwood, TX, near Houston. In Texas 50 years but born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Still have the accent. Retired from full-time for 14 years but still bill 20 hours a week as a CPA.

CharleyBC | 30 October 2019

"CharleyBC... with the way your nickname is set, I thought you were from British Columbia."

Just like someone thought WhiteWi was from Wisconsin!

Nope. Just middle and last initials.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

Lol I am definitely not from Wisconsin hahah

Big_Ed | 30 October 2019

Grew up in the south, but I love cold and snow.

teslu3 | 30 October 2019

Edison / Exit 9, NJ
Ann Arbor, MI
Plano, TX
Wildomar, CA (commute to Irvine via CA74)

95dawg | 30 October 2019

And all this time, I thought you lived in British Columbia. lol

hokiegir1 | 30 October 2019

@Bighorn - I do research administration, so it's a good geographic area for my field. :) I just happen to know about an opening at Duke that I'm a decent fit for (at least on paper), but I've considered a few others, too.

@jmccpa - My mom lived in Kingwood for awhile. :)

@haywood - My uncle just moved to Cary, so I'll be checking out the area regardless soon. It could light a fire to get to that part of the world sooner. I'm half waiting for the new supercharger to open there before going, though.

jebinc | 30 October 2019


Yes, I had forgotten the protocol after all these years, but do remember the Exit ==> 16W, not 16E

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 30 October 2019

See... All it takes to ease the atmosphere are simple things. Anyway, leaving for Atlanta United game. Go Atlanta yahoo

Joshan | 30 October 2019

whats that a 3 hour drive in Atlanta? /s

ReD eXiLe ms us | 30 October 2019

Currently exiled to MS.US after thirty-plus years in LA.CA.US., where I belong. :-(

Pg3ibew | 30 October 2019

NYC Born and Raised and Still live in the BIG APPLE. Will probably live here until I die.

CharleyBC | 30 October 2019

@95dawg: "And all this time, I thought you lived in British Columbia."

@gparrot: "CharleyBC... with the way your nickname is set, I thought you were from British Columbia."

I never meant to mislead! But see? This thread is proving @WhiteWi's purpose. We're getting to know one another better!

Curious no one thought I was from the other BC: Baja California.

CBC are good initials, shared with the likes of Coronado Brewing Company and Canadian Broadcast Corporation (for those of you who thought I was Canadian).

wiscy67 | 30 October 2019

San Diego, CA
So not Wisconsin either. But I've been going there every year to see the in-laws for over 20 years. So there's that.

PolishFalcon | 30 October 2019

Born Buffalo NY, then to Florida for HS and college et al. Moved to Silicon Valley (San Jose) CA in 1989, worked in Satellite Communication systems my whole career, retired to Sacramento CA in 2001. Love my Model 3, the Apple of cars!